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Before we dive into today, let’s get a quick recap!

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    💖  Public Domain Goldmine ☕
Today in 1973:   The National Inventor’s Hall of Fame was founded
Very cool – My dad is in it

Plus My Own:

     Your Pinterest Cheatsheet


  20K extra each month?


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And….. Where was I?

Ah yes, Wednesday!

But first:


Ever wake up one morning and think to yourself: 

“Jeepers self, if only I could have access to the best run-down regarding screen recorders imaginable!” 

Well then! Worry you not, for the following (and make sure to return here when you’re done for additional insights): 


is there waiting for you. 

Covering both the paid and free versions of screen recorders, it comes: 

Instructional videos 


Privacy features 

Live streaming 

and more! 

The idea of screen recorders could make for a great blueprint or even blog post as well: you could structure it like so: 

Step 1.) Decide what topic you’d like to focus on 

Step 2.) Make what points you’d like to cover in a video 

Step 3.) Make it so! 

Resources for the above include: 







Your takeaway? 

You don’t have to be on screen yourself to create awesome videos… 

Perhaps screen recorders are something that will benefit you for the future. 


 ========================= ==============


And let’s tackle today!

Yep, it is Wednesday!

Tuesday was good for writing (yay!).

But in the evening, I had to separate my tasks so I could get them all done at once.  One window was set for updating ‘profit stuff’ for 19 different industries; that was copy/pasted into my gmail message (so I can update it first thing in the morning).

Divide and conquer!  My motto for the day!

So we’ll see how today works out!

Your takeaway from this perkup?

Divide and conquer – it can work great.

A very powerful lesson indeed.

And that’s all…


It’s the Internet Lifestyle!

And want you to see:  Buying 10K sneakers?

Of course you do!



And our daily humor/art?


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And onto today!

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And here we go!


Public Domain?



and 2 more… can you guess?

And let’s begin!

Want you this:    Public Domain Goldmine?

Well then!


Public Domain Goldmine!

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