RANT – When bloggers are PAINFULLY clueless


You know, there’s not many things in this world that really get my dander up, my goat roaring, my fingers drumming, my karate gi in a twist, my picnic rained out, my….you get the idea, right?

Not many things but I will admit, they DO exist!  And here’s my number one rant for today –

Clueless clueless CLUELESS bloggers.

Now of course, I’m not speaking about you, gentle reader!  For you, certainly, would *never ever ever* do anything as idjut-totic as the following:

Post PLR (private labeled rights) articles as if they were your own.

Why is this so asinine?  Well, it’s like this , you see.  I always walk the walk I talk….and I always tell my customers and students that one should comment thoughtfully on other blogs that utilize commentluv to ensure deep links back to their site are generated on the Internet.

So!  Imagine my surprise when, from my investigative quests online, I discovered a cool blog post that read sooo well, I felt compelled to stumble it.  But before doing so, as is my wont, I randomly chose a phrase from the article and searched for it at Google like so:

Let me tell you, my urge to stumble the article died a horrid, agonizing, soul searing tormenting death it did.


YES, I know that sometimes….it’s difficult to come up with original content.  I understand that.  But would it really have taken more than an hour to re-tool that PLR article and make it something utterly unique…that contained the essense of YOUR brilliance and your brilliance ONLY?

There are MANY ways to bash past writers block on the Internet!  Some nifty resources include:

‘course, I KNOW the real issue isn’t over writer’s block….it’s instead that bloggers and business folk want to take the short cut, get posts up that are littered with Adsense and ads, drive up traffic and the like.  And I can understand that truly….heck, a few years ago I wrote an auto-blogging software that generated unique content daily as though the blog was populated by a living breathing person.  It saved time and got the job done.

The thing is…those blogs were part of my portal building sites…and I didn’t attach my identity to them.

I’m not only a blogger – I’m an entrepreneur, a marketer, and know when to hold ’em and when to fold.  I can honestly say that I’ve never ever ever posted anything I didn’t write and claimed it as my own….because I know that such foolish behaviors can bite individuals back in their hiney when they least expect it.

Credibility!  Honesty!  Walking the walk you talk! 

Do yourself a favor and make certain you can stand proud on any article you publish on your blog….because it’s written by YOU.

I don’t care if your goal is to make money or develop your network or build your community or what have you…your credibility is something that NOBODY can destroy…except yourself.

And yourself….heck, that’s #1.  Be good to your #1.  Your network is watching.


Barbara Ling

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