Smartly Become THE Go-To Resource in your Niche…here’s how


Tell me it ain't so.

You mean…you do *not* know everything there is to know in your niche?

You mean there are topics and ideas that you have *not* yet written about??????????

OMG, the only thing I have to say to you is……

Join the crowd.  🙂

Me too!  That's one of the fantastic things about building a niche blogging community, you know….if you do not know the answer to a critical question, chances are…your colleagues will.

Why not take advantage of that and create the bestest most awesomest resource your community could desire….for free?

I've already done it, would you believe that?

For my particular blogging community, check *this* out:

Ling Community Search!

and don't forget about

Really Really Really Popular Blog Search!

Aren't they the mooses' meow?

The first search engine queries 130+ popular blogs that I myself follow, and consider to be part of my community.

The second search engine queries very popular authority blogs indeed!

I built these using the Google Custom Search Engine over at, well, Google Custom Search Engines.  🙂

What I did was list out all the great blogs and resources I uncovered from the wonderful commenters on my site, and simply added them as part of my search engine.

The result?

Whenever anyone wants to see what their colleagues think about specific topics online, they can just swing on by and search thru all the blogs available.

Talk about a time-saver!  Not only that, but it's a great boon to me too – I can easily generate resources from my community that I can add to any post I want.  For example, check out these ideas regarding custom search:

Is that awesome or what?

And the best thing is…

You can do the same thing too!

Take your favorite blogs within your niche, and build a custom search engine just for that purpose only.

It will give your visitors a helpful reason to return again and again.  🙂


Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

PS – And one last thing….

Today would be Day 16 for Maxing One's Holiday Sales.

And in the book, part of Day 16 is, "build a niche custom search engine. "

Which, you'll notice….I just did.  :)

Learn more about Max Your Holiday Profits by clicking on this adorable book cover below…it's applicable to ALL holidays!


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