The best bloggers are Gen X people in their 40s, hands down

We're the Best!Who do YOU think the best bloggers are?

"Personally, I think….no, I KNOW….they’re the Gen X folk  who are in their 40s.  Hands down, no question about it, you heard it here first….now go deal with it."

Why?  Because…

  • We were there when Netscape Navigator 1.0 emerged.   We had to teach ourselves HTML and configure POP clients manually to use the blasted browser.  It’s almost like witnessing the Big Bang and the subsequent creation of the Universe as we know it.
  • We accessed the Internet the way the Gods intended us to access the Internet – through straight command text browsers like Lynx!  None of this new-fangled WYSIWYG stuff…we even coded on the fly that way. 
  • When something doesn’t work as expected, we don’t whine to our parents (heck, our parents generally panic when the monitor displays, Strike Any Key When Ready…and they can’t locate the ANY key); we sit down and fix the problem yesterday.
  • We have the wisdom of several decades of online know-how…plus the benefit of maturity to put it to good use.
  • We know the shiniest, bounciest most visually arresting graphics can’t beat the SERP benefits of straight useful text.
  • We know that David Rhodes is the original Sinniator of Make Money Fast Schemes…and as such, know that things which sound too good to be true…well, are.    We don’t need to lose 3K to realize that.
  • We don’t have to worship Internet gurus to find that  last bit of information; quite often, we’re viewed as gurus ourselves.
  • When annoying children post profanity-laced comments on our blogs, we’re secure enough to decree, your freedom of speech ends at where my blog begins…and we delete them.
  • We have zero problems with calling a garden hose a garden hose.  Not only that, but given 3 seconds, we can even come up with more compelling analogies sooner than washing machine can consume 38 single socks.
  • And when we’re totally clueless, we have no problems admitting that…and (gasp!) asking for help.  No egos stand in our way!

Well?  Am I right or am I right?  What do you have to share?  Who do YOU think are the best bloggers?  And why?

The floor….is now yours. 


Barbara Ling

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