Who you REALLY are


Okay, not morning – it’s really the afternoon.  But hey, who’s counting?  🙂

Today is a great day of enjoyment and rest for my family!  We just finished watching Balto II – Wolf Quest, and wow, as always, it brought flowing rivers of tears to my face. 

But this time….it was really different. 

Before, I’d watch it as "okay, it’s mom’s turn to endure anime with her kids, let me phase myself into Boredom mode" but now….now I’ve gained the insights to realize that wisdom can smack you upside down the head when you least expect it.   (Alas, my kids are still too young to see beyond "Jeepers Mom, it’s not modern Anime" but hey, they have time to assimilate wisdom.  🙂  )

This time…I watched it when my kids are in their double digits.  My eldest, Honorable Daughter I, is so unique (well, okay, all my kids are, but she’s the oldest) that I know when she ventures to college, I will still crave to protect her and watch out for her….and yet I’ll still have to let her go when she decides to find out who she really is.

Who she really is…..

It makes you wonder, doesn’t it…..who YOU really are?

Think about it.  You’re probably a man or a woman, of course…and you might be a blogger…and….

You might be:

  • A spouse
  • A teacher
  • A student
  • A parent
  • A child
  • A worker
  • A leader
  • A follower
  • A comforter
  • A protector
  • A resource


Is that truly the summation of who you are?


I really liked Aleu’s personal quest that was revealed throughout the movie.  It takes guts and it takes courage and it takes a lot of fortitude to turn your back on what’s safe and comforting….solely to cast your spirit to the stars and search out what really drives you and makes you "you."

MulanIn other words…

Who ARE you…first and foremost?

Are you a parent?

Are you a spouse?

Are you an island?

Are you a zephyr?

and most importantly….

Are you content with…who you REALLY are?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this part year, it’s that not only am I the all-powerful Mother Ling, but I’m also a spirited student in several aspects of growing up and gaining wisdom….I’ve lost the ego that prevented me from learning more years ago.   Heck, a few years ago, I was content to remain Barbara Ling the Mom or Barbara Ling the Wife or Barbara Ling the Entrepreneur….delving into Barbara Ling the Woman has been quite a character-building journey indeed.

Have you embraced the opportunity to discover who YOU really are? 

How has it impacted your life? 

And most importantly…if you could, would you undergo those critical challenges again that bestowed the knowledge upon you in the first, knowing quite how trial-by-fire they could be?

Such are the thoughts that came to me upon watching Wolf Quest with my kids.  A great time, indeed.



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ps – speaking about wisdom:

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