Work Brilliantly, Not Blindly

Work Smart

Ever have an insane desire to build a strong healthy income online?

If so, tell me. 

What’s your plan for the next 3 years?

After all, tomorrow might see your sites destroyed from Google, your niche pummeled by the recession, your income reduced to a mere 2 figures (before taxes).

Have you ever truly considered that?

If not, that will cause you massive amounts of agony, virtually guaranteed.

I should know, I’ve lived thru that now twice – once with Internet recruiting during the dotcom bubble back i 1999 (ooooo, the joys of seeing $7,000 come to my house every week!) and another time when I broke the Google code back in 2004 (complete with joys of 20K/month from eBay and Amazon!).

It showed me that you simply cannot work IN THE MINUTE – your goals HAVE to expand and focus upon next month, next year, the next 5 years etc.

This is why building up your brand online is so very critical; your industry might die an agonizing death, but your name never will.

Thus, do NOT be complacent…and work BRILLIANTLY, not BLINDLY.

The best ways to do this are to:

  • Make sure your name grows online (build up a good following in your niche, in Twitter, etc.)
  • Ask yourself, if my current niche disappears, what’s the next best step?  ie, in what other fields can you turn on a dime and then master them?  Keep that industry as your backup.
  • Focus on the long-term stability, NOT the short-term quick buck.  If you make one quick buck, the next will require the same amount of effort.  But if you build up your list/expertise/etc., it gets easier and easier to become more profitable online.

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And don’t forget – some of the best ways to working smart and brilliant are to be completely honest with oneself and one’s abilities.  Here are some great resources for that:

Sometimes it’s really tough to look beyond next week or next month…but it’s truly beyond critical that you do so.  Give yourself the best possible chance at success – your income’s fitness will thank you for it.


Barbara Ling


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