SECRET REVEALED: One of the BEST FREE WSO/Product Creator Facebook FB Groups around!


It’s Monday morning and oh wow, my weekend was totally grand!  How ’bout yours?

Given everything that’s happened lately, I’ve become inspired to share some of the insider’s goodness that is free online.  And if you’re a product creator, you’re going to love this!

One of things I’m always asked about, online and off, is just where can people uncover hidden gems online about Internet marketing.

Here’s one of my alltime favs!

It’s called:

And it’s honestly…. *grand*.

I mean, really…. *grand*.

  • Grander than a grand piano!
  • Grander than the Grand Canyon!

Well, okay, perhaps it’s just as good as coffee.  🙂

But I digress.

This group was created within the past 30 days or so and already has over 350 members, all of them product creators (and some huuuuuuge names as well like Maria Gudelis, Tina Williams,  Anthony Aires, Brad Gosse, and more!).

What I utterly adore beyond mere human insanity is the sheer *positive energy* that shimmers and gleams and simply infuses your inner spirit with “YES!  I’m GOING to create glorious achievements!

To join, simply visit:

Marketing With Bill

Tell him Barbara says Hi! and you heard it’s the place to be!  🙂

Honestly, it’s one of the best groups in which I’m participating these days…you’ll love what you discover.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I turn chaos into simplicty!

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