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Max Your Holiday Profits SILVER Author | Barbara Ling, Your Outrageous Virtual Coach

Hi Barbara,

I've seen you online now since 1998 and you're only getting better and better! I really love your straight forward, very honest approach.
'Max Your Holiday Profits' really zeros in on easy and simple steps anyone can take to slant their final earnings in their favor.

I especially liked how you covered advanced topics like headline writing and video marketing and yet made them easy even for beginners to use.

This is an excellent book and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn an excellent path to marketing online for the holidays.

Willie Crawford

Wish hungry buyers were spending their holiday dollars on YOUR products?

Make YOUR wish reality today by just following the simple, step-by-step instructions laid out in this easy-to-follow blueprint for holiday marketing success.

It's a fact - billions of dollars are spent during the holidays!

So why on earth shouldn't they spend that money and buy your products?'s

Hey there, this is Barbara Ling, covert under-the-radar 14+ year Internet marketer. As you can see from my contributions in the Warrior Forum, I've written 35+ books/ebooks since 1997, taught thousands of people various aspects regarding to Internet marketing and more...
(heck, you can check out my credentials over at me flagship site here).

Sit back, close your eyes, then open them again so you can read the following.

Imagine how terrific it would be to see the 2012 holiday season send $100s...if not $1,000s of dollars into your bank account.

My gosh, it's what you truly deserve, right?

After all, you're providing super quality products and fantastic services that any sane individual would want to give their loved ones for the holidays, true?

But here's the challenge more agonizingly painful than being hit with a flaming snowball in the eye.

"How the heck do you systematically lay out a plan that builds upon the 25 days of that it becomes a no-brainer that your niche visitors clamor to buy from you?"

I hear you, I've been there! And if there's one thing I've discovered, it's this.

You can exploit the entire month of December to build up and up and up your valuable presence to your future customers ... so when the time comes for buying that perfect gift, *YOUR* products are what they clamor for.

And you don't even have to think about what to do....when you download Max Your Holiday Profits, you'll have an entire blueprint of 25 days and 25 action steps and more!


This glorious 118 page PDF blueprint:

  • Tells you very day, what to do....thus making sure there's no questions left unanswered.

  • Gives you the reasons behind the you can actually see how they fit into the overall plan.

  • Provides you with compelling sample you can alert your own network as to your offerings.

  • Offers you great suggestions regarding reader-pulling headlines...making your marketing that much easier.
Admit it - wouldn't having such a covert weapon in your marketing arsenal really skyrocket your final 2012 profits?

But not only that.

Have you...ever heard of Facebook Fan Pages and video marketing and the like?

Wouldn't it be fantastic if you had access at your fingertips just how to come up to speed with those social media marketing techniques....thus making your holiday profits even larger?

It's easy.

It's simple.

It's waiting for you....once you buy the complete blueprint and open it up and take advantage of it.

But don't take my word for it....

"Max Your Holiday Profits is an e-book jammed packed with a blueprint for maximizing your niche product profits.

The key word here is maximizing.

I can totally recommend this product, even if you are a newbie, as long as you have already sold one or more products from your WordPress website. If you're still ramping up, I would recommend it as a great way to get up to speed for the next holiday! As we know, there are many opportunities to do holiday-themed sales so really, you can't go wrong with Max Your Holiday Profits.

Here is the big take-away from the e-book: take one step. Go ahead.

Take one step.

Great! Now take another. Mark the occasion! Barbara has organized Max Your Holiday Profits into big steps called Milestones and baby steps called daily tasks.

This ingenious layout cleverly rewards you for taking baby steps, while hiding the big picture from your daily progress. The section on video marketing is a glorious example of Barbara's skill at getting you to take those baby steps.

As a student of Internet Marketing, I've always found it confusing that some authors expect you to do their work for them to teach you.

Barbara expects you to think about what you want to do (come on now, meet her half-way!) Once you've done that, she goes the extra mile helping you to apply your ideas in the most effective way. At no time does she ever discourage you from using your own ideas.

You will see this as early as Day 3, where you decide what it is your customers want to buy. Only you know your business, so it makes sense that only you can make this choice. Max Your Holiday Profits will give you almost a dozen big ideas, one or more of which should apply to your business. This is what I like most about the e-book.

Once you have your holiday promotion product ideas, Max Your Holiday Profits will help you to focus on actually promoting your sales event.

Barbara covers everything relevant, from building your sales page to getting publicity to video marketing, which I'm betting you will try, even if you've never done it before!

As the campaign draws to a climax, the e-book keeps pace with ideas for getting the most from your customers. You get ideas for finding out what to create next year, or the next holiday coming, if you're ambitious enough! You also get four daily writing assignments that are intense, but can really drive last-minute sales without (gasp!) being pushy!

Max Your Holiday Profits closes with your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day gratitude tasks and then, Barbara gives you a ton of resources in the Appendix.

There is no fluff. There is, however, a nice little bonus in the back of the book. All in all, I know I will benefit from Max Your Holiday Profits and I think you will, too!

Mitchell Allen
(creator of ParserMonster, Morpho Board and Blogmogrifier software for Windows)


You want to learn from something easy to follow.

Easy to understand.

Easy to see profitable, compelling results!

And that's what Max Your Holiday Profits will provide to you. Even if you're a stark, utter newbie, you can use it as a blueprint for next years' holiday success (I go over Facebook Fan Pages, Video Marketing, compelling sales copy and much much more).

In less than 3 minutes from you seeing the comma right here ->
,<- you could be privy to learning the EXACT secretstep by step techniques you NEED to follow to begin drawing in hordes of targeted Twitter, Facebook and social traffic customers...who WANT to buy what you have to offer for their holiday needs.

Hi Barbara,

Wow, I just got done with your "Big Huge Holiday Profits" and had to say thanks. I thought you did an excellent job laying out a great actionable strategy. Although you focus on the time of year when huge amounts of money changes hands, the holidays...the steps you layout, will work year round. I came away learning quite a bit and glad you didn't edit out your unique sense of humor. Had some good laughs along the way.

Covering all aspects in great detail, I love the way you've broken it down into daily modules that are easy to digest and take action. Glad you included the "Why it's important" section for each day, because it's so often overlooked. I think it's easier to put an effort into a project when you know the real why behind it.

It wouldn't be difficult to do more than one module a day if you wanted to speed it up. I'm sure some people will welcome the additional challenge. Just my opinion, but I think your selection of additional resources is right on target. I never know what to expect reading one your books except it will be easy to understand, include excellent instruction and rock solid methodology.

You're really selling this for way less than it's worth but I know that's what you do. I can say that now that I have my copy, LOL. Barbara, thanks again for this awesome plan of action :-)

John Collins

Max Your Holiday Profits will cover for you every day the simple steps you need to push your profits high higher and highest!

Just check out the table of contents:

Milestone 1 - Doing The Prep Work
  • December 1 - Add this countdown widget to your site, create special sales price
  • December 2 - Create A Special.... for Holiday Tips Etc. and Direct ...
  • December 3 - Determine your Most Profitable Product to Promote for the Holidays,Add These Critical Free Plugins
  • December 4 - Decide Your First ...
  • December 5 - Decide 2 ....
  • December 6 - Create The Most Important Aspect of ...

Milestone 2 - Starting The Buzz

  • December 7 - SEO Your WP Blog, Create Tutorial/Category, Add ...
  • December 8 - Seek Out ..., Write General Holiday Niche Post
  • December 9 - Write How To ... Post And Add This Social Function
  • December 10 - Write 3 Benefits Of ...
  • December 11 - Write "That Hard-To-...." Gift Post
  • December 12 - Review Buzz

Milestone 3 - Riding The Social Wave

  • December 13 - Make a Video About Your Product Solving Problems
  • December 14 - Write about ...
  • December 15 - Add Special ..., Write A Favorite ...
  • December 16 - Create/Install Niche ...., Blog About It
  • December 17 - Followup On Guest Posting and Write About ....
  • December 18 - Start Unique Contest

Milestone 4 - Achieve A Crescendoing Finish

  • December 19 - Write Last Minute .... Series And Combine Community ...
  • December 20 - Write Most ....
  • December 21 - Write Top Ten Creative ...., Followup On ...
  • December 22 - Write Most ...
  • December 23 - Write Most ....
  • December 24 - Write ....
  • December 25 - Wish All Your Readers A Fantastic Holiday!

Notice how every 6 days or so are broken into a milestone?

Well, each day by itself is broken down even further like so:

  • Before You Begin
  • Why It's Important
  • How to Do it
  • Closing Thoughts
As you can see, you're never left in the dark. This Done For You Blueprint has *everything* you need to start ramping up your holiday sales today!

Want to see how that works out? Check out more of Mitch's review:


...Each day begins with a task. December 1, for example, tells you to place a Christmas Count-down timer on your site. The Before You Begin section starts with a Twitter Tip and explains the things you need to have in order to complete the task.

Why It's Important will point out some obvious benefits to completing the task as well as provide you with a gem or two. For instance, it's obvious that a count-down timer creates a sense of urgency; however, you may not realize that it also counts towards what we marketers refer to as "touches" ..... a specific instance of your marketing message reaching a potential customer. Max Your Holiday Profits has quite a few subtle gems throughout these sections.

How to Do it is the nuts-and-bolts section of each day's task. Here, Barbara goes all out, providing practical ideas, links to plugins, software, instructional videos and, where needed, her own step-by-step instructions for accomplishing the task...

Mitchell Allen
(creator of ParserMonster, Morpho Board and Blogmogrifier software for Windows)


That's it.

That's all.

No fluff, no hype, no pie-in-the-sky promises....just the knowledge you NEED to ramp up your profits for
your holiday sales.


...Loved the day by day format of this book and how it lays out a plan one step at a time. Although at times it is challenging for a brand-spanking new person to marketing online, the resources they need are listed. They will have to just work a bit harder to pull it off the first time.

Even better is that it is an evergreen promotion that will work even better the following year and can be used over and over and with a tweak can be used for any holiday. Great job!

Mike Paetzold


QUICK - Check out this snapshot from Day'll see what I mean.

The entire course of Max Your Holiday Profits is written as easy to follow as that.

And with hand-holding like that, getting this guide in your hands asap is truly a no-brainer.....especially as the Silver version is LESS than $20

Listen, you know what it's like to be faced with a daunting task like holiday marketing.

And smart person that you are, you also know that time really is money...and the time you could spend rattling around online, looking for the best ways to make the most money during the holidays....could be much BETTER spent simply putting into place the easy steps that are contained
within your copy of Max Your Holiday Profits.


"I had the opportunity to take a sneak peak at Barbara Ling's new product, "Max Your Holiday Profits," and all I can say is, "Wow!" This energetic and very focused 25-day blueprint for making money during the busy holiday season is a true all-in-one guide.

It combines sales techniques and content creation along with promotion strategies. The content is broken down into very manageable daily lists and suggestions of how to move forward. When you get to the end of each day, you will be amazed at how much you've accomplished.

Barbara is using these very strategies in releasing this new product so you can follow along as you work through the material. She provides examples for each day and a multitude of free and paid resources for you to consult. I especially like the daily Twitter posting tips. Her creative acronyms and entertaining writing style make reading this so much fun that you might actually forget you're working.

If you're so frazzled during the holiday season that you can't keep everything straight much less promote to your blog readers, you will love this product. Barbara introduced me to several features and concepts I had never heard of or really thought about adding to my blog. And, what's great is that this product contains an excellent promotional strategy blueprint that you can follow any time of the year--not just during the holidays.

Whether you want to increase your profits this holiday season or prepare your blog for better profits next year, "Max Your Holiday Profits" will show you how. This product will move you from overwhelmed to overcoming in 25 short days."

Jenny Dunham
Creative PLR Choices

Right now, you might be thinking to yourself, Hmmm, sounds good, Barbara....but how much will this cost me?

An excellent question indeed!

What would you say if I told you it was
less than a dollar a day during the holiday promotions?

As in, the SILVER version retails for only $17.00.

I know. You were expecting something a wee bit more. But over-delivering on quality and surpassing my customer's expectations, that's just what I do.

Remember, what you're getting is:

Risk Quotient = 0%
Money Back Guarantee = 100%
Knowledge Gained = Priceless

I am so confident that you will be completely and utterly thrilled with Max Your Holiday Profits, you are backed by a 60 day 100% money-back guarantee.

Consider the facts - I've been a successful online marketer now since 1997. I walk the walk I talk, I teach the skills I've gathered over the past 13+ years...I want you to become just as successful as me. After all, the Internet is huge and I believe in COLLEAGUES...and not competitors. My knowledge is yours.

Barbara Ling does it again! Just in time for the holidays -- a real plan that you can put to use immediately and take the results to the bank. Her suggestions are based on tested practices that she uses herself -- so you know they work.

Tools. Strategies. How-to -- and more importantly, WHY-to. It's all in there, organized by topic areas that you can easily find.

Oh and if you're not making any profits yet? This would be a good time to start -- this book will show you what to do, so you can get the cash flowing in. It will help you generate income (and profits) not just during the holiday season but all year long.

The focus of this book is on how you can use the holiday season as a way to market your products or services way more effectively than you ever have, using tips and tricks you never thought of. Bonus features for me were ways to think about creating a new product tailored just for what people are looking for RIGHT NOW. Awesome stuff. Plus. . . she's wicked funny too.

However, the BEST feature of this book is that it trains you how to think about the whole concept of marketing at holiday time. What you learn about how to think is something you can apply at other times of the year, too -- but it's critical in the holiday period, when buying habits have certain patterns. Know them and you win. Simple. Get this book and use it!

Nancy Boyd
Bright Wings

And why I am making both the GOLD and the SILVER packages so affordable?

Once you internalize Max Your Holiday Profits, you'll be amazed at the quality I give away at such a cost-conscious price...and you'll tell your friends about it as well. Happy customers make the best references!

And remember - Max Your Holiday Profits comes with a
100% satisfaction guarantee.

Buy it. Read it. Follow the ideas. And if you're not completely happy with what you receive, drop me a line and I'll cheerfully refund your purchase.... no questions asked.

Money Back Guarantee

Remember however....

At any time, the price for Max Your Holiday Profits could increase to.....



I didn't reveal the price yet now, did I?

Well, the hand-holding step-by-step daily guides....that's worth at least $47 right there (ease of use...priceless!)

And the confidence that achieving the milestones themselves deliver to you....confidence you can apply to every other aspect of your business.... that's another $47 right there too!

Let me cut to the chase right now - the SILVER edition of Max Your Holiday Profits is $27

Wait a sec, you've read this long! That shows me you're extremely serious about getting this product and putting it into action, so let me now slash off another $10 and tell you the SILVER price is only:


I reveal how to do EVERYTHING and where to find EVERYTHING.  Everything, in such a way as to allow anyone who can type and follow start beefing up their holiday profits in no time flat.

And you'll never be left hanging!

But wait....there's MORE.

Want to know what the GOLD version includes?

My apologies for the delay! The GOLD version of Max Your Holiday Profits contains:

Social Media Profits - Intense Video Course that shows you exactly how to make money using the power of social media. COMES WITH MASTER RESELL RIGHTS!
Retail Value: $47
Video Marketing Blueprint - Complete Video Course that walks you through how to make videos from Powerpoint and free tools. COMES WITH MASTER RESELL RIGHTS!
Retail Value: $47
501 Instant Business Site Graphics - You'll LOVE this for your online store - includes Graphics Manual, 100 Real People Images, 250 Professional Banners,165 Aqua Power Buttons, 15 Guarantee Certificates, 20 Headers Website Graphics, and more (really nice!)! COMES WITH MASTER RESELL RIGHTS!
Retail Value: $47
Product Creation Secrets - The UPGRADED version of this product - includes comprehensive how-to videos as well that show ANYONE the what's required to create their own Profitable product for THEIR niche. You can MAKE and add your OWN products to your store! COMES WITH MASTER RESELL RIGHTS!.
Retail Value: $47

And that's what you'll get with Max Your Holiday Profits GOLD Guaranteed.

Max Your Holiday Profits


Let's face it! You can either spend $100s of dollars on all these Twitter Rockstars or Facebook Moguls or Social Media Samurai thingees for your maxing your holiday profits.....or you can get it all with the Max Your Holiday Profits GOLD.

The GOLD version gives you the extra tools that will make your mastery of increased profits...that much easier.

What's the above goodies and knowledge and killer benefits worth to you?

Are we talking $127, $97 or even $87?

Nope! You can claim your copy of Max Your Holiday Profits for only $77

Hmmmm, I've been told I really SHOULD price this at $77.... but for this day GUARANTEED....the price will be just:


And yes, the price can certainly increase by tomorrow. It all you want to secure this great deal today!

Well, what are you waiting for?

YES BARBARA! I want to purchase the GOLD version of Max Your Holiday Profits...and understand that I'll be receiving over $177 worth of bonuses to the low price of:


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No thanks Barbara, I'd like just the Silver, please.

Send Me The SILVER Version of Max Your Holiday Profits NOW!

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Hey! How could you have missed that big huge blue ORDER button up there?

Ask yourself now. Don't you deserve the profitable shortcuts I reveal in Max Your Holiday Profits? When you purchase your copy today, not only will you be gifting yourself with hidden secrets only the under-the-radar marketers like myself know, but you'll also receive several unannounced bonuses to boot. Certainly you can ignore this offer today... but your painful affiliate marketing problems will still exist tomorrow without it!

And the iron-clad 100% Money Back Guarantee makes your investment 100% risk free. Can't get better than that!

Give yourself the gift of Max Your Holiday Profits... your bottom line will thank you for it.


Barbara Ling

PS....Talk about a great deal. demand is not dictating the price - I AM. And I have my own pricing strategies. Leave this page and come back tomorrow and it will most likely cost you more. This price is guaranteed ONLY FOR TODAY.

For LESS than what you'd pay for dinner and a movie, you could be powering up your holiday profits TODAY.

Here's All You Do

Click the "Buy Now" button below. There may be a very brief delay while we forward the transaction details, but you will be taken to Paypal's secure site where you can use your Paypal account (if you have one) or you can pay by credit card.

Once you have made payment, click on the "Return to Merchant" button on the Paypal site. You will be returned to a page on our site where you will be given a download link to download a single file containing your copy of the Advanced Marketing Strategies ebook, and your bonus spreadsheet template.

Yes Barbara! I want to order SILVER Max Your Holiday Profits now!

Get Your Copy Now For Only

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Remember, not only is there ZERO risk...but...the longer you wait to learn, the longer it takes to get profitable online.

The longer you wait to focus on your holiday sales... the LONGER it will be BEFORE you find your profits going UP instead of down down down.

You'll still be spinning your wheels...when for less than the cost of a Value Meal for 2 at McDonalds or Burger King, you could be finally getting the critical information you need for success.

You don't have to lag behind in the trenches - you can seize the knowledge I'm offering to you and start increasing your holiday profits today.

So go ahead and order right now...I know you'll be whole-heartedly satisfied that you did.

Best wishes,

Barbara Ling

PS - And remember, because this is a business expense, it's a business deduction.

PPS - Don't let success pass you by..... it's waiting for you this moment.