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 Holiday Marketing

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Singles Day, the Shopping Day in China, Earns 3X the Amount that Black Friday Does.

Singles Day

Singles Day is the BIGGEST Shopping Extravaganza in the world today.

Started by Jack Ma (who created AliExpress, the great big huge massive gargantuan entity) in China, it's a day where virtually EVERYTHING is on sale.

It blows away the profits earned by Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Here, look below:

Black Friday

See that 5.9 billion?

Now let's check out some Singles Day earnings:

Singles Day Chart

Notice that staggering $30.8 BILLION dollars?

$30.8 billion dollars... on a holiday that's barely known in the USA.

But that's not all....

You've heard of Black Friday...

Have you ever heard of:

White Friday!

Singles Day Chart

White Friday! White Friday is basically the Middle Eastern version of Black Friday.

Created by Souq.com, Amazon bought it back in 2017 to the tune of $580 million dollars.

So as you can see...

Smart people like you can profit from:

Singles Day on 11/11/19

Thanksgiving on 11/28/19

Black Friday on 11/29/19

White Friday on 11/29/19

Small Business Saturday on 11/30/19

Cyber Monday on 12/02/19

Wouldn't it be *great* if you were prepared to profit from all the above?

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HOW can YOU STAND out from Everyone Else?

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Let's review a bit just some of the examples...

Your Blog where you have eCommerce affiliate links you NEED people to click on

Your Fiverr Gigs where you offer eCommerce oriented gigs

Your Offline Biz where you charge local businesses for eCommerce, Internet and marketing services

Your Kindle Products where you're competing for attention from thousands of other authors during the holidays

Your CPA Ads where you simply HAVE to stand out during the holidays


But using the Internet to learn all about Singles Day, Black Friday, White Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, etc....


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Not just Singles Day and the defining difference to Black Friday but also:

All the countries that now celebrate Black Friday

All the countries that celebrate White Friday (and the main site as well!)

Then you'll discover Critical Tutorials to Offer/Buy Location-Based Bargains:

We're talking:

How International Brands Profit from Singles Day

27+ Powerful Black Friday Sales Boosting Ideas

Soup To Nuts Marketing Guide to White Friday

25+ Point Checklist to Prepare YOUR Store for Black Friday

How To Profit While Every ELSE is Black Friday Shopping


Then, I reveal to you Must-Read Tutorials for eCom 2020:

Ultimate Guide to eCom SEO

97+ Cool eCom Business Ideas for 2021!

The 2020 Best Practices for the PERFECT eCom Site

13+ Marvelous eCom Blogs to Learn from Next Year

Beginners Guide to Starting an Online Store

Secrets to Creating a WordPress Online eCom Store


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