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Well then....

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Remember... there's MORE holidays around than just the Winter holidays!

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And make no mistake about it – being the FIRST to know and share up-to-the-minute Holiday marketing news:

Religious Holidays (Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Easter...)

Secular Holidays (Lunar New Year, Arbor Day, Labor Day...)

Unofficial Holidays (International Talk Like a Pirate Day, April Fool's Day, Singles Day...)

Country/National Holidays (Independence Day, Memorial Day, Storming of the Bastille...)

Activity Holidays (Adventure Holidays, Antiquing Holidays, Trekking Holidays...)

Month-Long Celebrations (Black History Month, LGBT Month, Financial Literacy Month, National Pet Month...)

Well, gives YOU the authority edge over your competitors!

For example, consider this breaking news posting of mine:

or this status update:

Talk about engaging your audience!

I’ve been posting now about lots of holiday marketing trends for several weeks, simply to get my name associated with my network regarding always being the first.

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Or what the very latest video marketing news is?

img-responsive roun

and not just solely “marketing….”

3 categories:

Category 1: Seeing what's current selling big on Amazon:

Category 2: Seeing what the latest and greatest is in social

Category 3: Taking advantage of the Yearly/Monthly/Daily planners to help you structure your daily/monthly/yearly activities

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An SEO blog post

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A marketing forum article

An ezine article about webinars


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    Authority articles



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