Thank you for your interest! A one page solution sheet is a grand beginning...

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But first I must warn you...

This is DEFINTELY NOT for everyone!

Like you might already know... there's dozens and dozens of Mobile Phone Apps available.... many of them that allow you to make money *directly FROM* your mobile phone!

But an opportunity for massive grey hairs can develop.

See... the one thing about profiting from Mobile Phone Make Money apps is that you MUST do your due-diligence!

You MUST take the time to VERIFY an app's "security"....

... meaning, what data about you does it gather?

... is the app verified to the best of Apple and/or Google's ability?

But IF you're confident in your ability to do this....

Consider this Done For You Research that will Flatten Your Learning Curve to the BEST MMO Mobile Apps Out There!

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In this quick-reference blueprint,, you'll get not only MORE than 100+ Mobile Phone Apps, complete with the direct links for downloading them to your mobile phone...

... but ALSO direct links to researching the mobile app as well!

See, the plain fact is...

You should NEVER download apps, willy-nilly....

... without doing your own research as to if they are "safe".

Always, no matter WHAT app you might download, you HAVE to:

Check their security policy - so you can see what sorts of data are being sent back about you

See if they're mentioned in the news - so you can see if they have malicious, just-discovered backdoors

In other words, CHECK CHECK CHECK and then RECHECK before downloading ANYTHING to your mobile phone.

However, if you're willing to do that, you'll love what you get!

I found for you 100+ "Make Money Apps" that are either in:

The Official iTunes Store


The Official Google Play Store

And not only will you receive direct, one-click access but like earlier mentioned... You'll also receive direct, one-click access to research it online!

Here, check out what the TOC looks like:


And the info I found for you!!

Just look at this sample:


See those done-for-you research links too? That lets users do their own verifications as well!

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You'll have more than 100 "Make Money Apps" with convenient links to find and download them in :

iPhone Apps Store

Google Play Apps Store

Not only that, but you'll ALSO have one-click access for:

The App in Google Search (see what others say about it!)

The App in Google News (see if news outlets have reported on it!)

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