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Remember Pokemon Go? The Augmented Reality Mobile Game that delivered over $2.3 BILLION dollars during the past 3 years?

It USED to be that the only way you could make money with Augmented Reality was to create an Augmented Reality Mobile App.

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Remember - The Augmented Reality market is expected to reach $61.39 BILLION dollars by 2020....

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Consider this recent update:

Augmented Reality Data

And this one:

Augmented Reality Data

And every *day*, Augmented Reality shows up in the news!

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Personalize Print on Demand Tshirts - Just a code to a Tshirt to View a Private Message

Personalize Print on Demand Mugs - Makes for a Great Giveaway of a Private Message!

Personalize Print on Demand Cards - Think on Triggering a Special Audio Message from a Loved One

Build Your List - Add the Image to your Tshirt with the Call to Action: Scan this Picture!

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Various ways marketers product from AR resources like the:

10 Bestest Uses for AR by Companies

6 Ways You Can Use AR in YOUR Marketing

Beginners Augmented Reality

The Incredible Ultimate Guide to AR


And finally, after that... you'll see just how you can use Cool Tools to build your AR goodies... or even outsource Print on Demand like so:

Shopify and AR

A fantastic Forum for Augment Reality Print on Demand

Augmented Reality and SEO

The Level 2 Vendors who provide Augmented Reality Gigs (and even..)

A Severely Underpriced Powerful Resource that provides you with over-the-shoulder videos that show you HOW to create those Print on Demand T-shirts, cards and more... so YOU can provide offline gigs or Vendor gigs and command the same fees!

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