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But the thing is...

Getting started and then... MAKING MONEY.

Sometimes it seems that only the gurus know how to do it best, right?

The thing is, though...

Even gurus started off as hopeful newbies too!

I know, I know... it's tough to realize that because every day on FB or in email, you see things like:

Guru #1 clears $1,733 by affiliate marketing (with a screenshot of his JVzoo earnings)...

Guru #2 bags $3,221 by affiliate marketing (via Interviewing the product creator and profiting when people after watching her interview)

Guru #3 sees $552 flow into his Paypal account because of his social marketing efforts

Guru #4 receives $858 from Leadpages because of her inclusion of their ad on her download pages...

I'm Guru #4, btw:


Thing is, though...

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ABCS Because nobody likes failing after trying...

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It's all about knowing your ABCS:

A - Absorbing the easy steps

B - Boiling down what will work for you best

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Affiliate marketing is within the reach of EVERYONE.

... and as you continue to grow...

... More and more people see your affiliate links.... which means a higher probability folks will buy from you.

But there's the right way and wrong way to go about it.

The wrong way delivers you nothing.

The right way....

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But what if....

You're shy?

You don't know where to begin?

You've never interacted online?

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Dear Future Looking Marketer,

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Right Way

You see, the times have a'changed....

But remember...

Sometimes the classics still work grand....

Especially when you know HOW to start and combine them so people...

... buy from you!

And that means you MUST create that critical

Know Like Trust

Component that makes viewers WANT to buy from you.

But thing is....

Starting out with affiliate marketing can be scary!

Bills still need to be paid And not only that...

What on earth should you promote?

How can you even begin to profit from Affiliate Marketing

If you've never put your links out there?

Luckily, it's easy to enlarge your comfort boundaries..

And grab your share of the Affiliate Marketing pie....

Even if you've never made an affiliate sale before.


2019 Unboxing Affiliate Marketing

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10 Key Affiliate Marketing Skills and Techniques.

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You'll first read about:

First Things First

Barb Ling

The wealth of information about affiliate marketing out there is staggering.

Where do you even begin?

So glad you asked! Here, you'll discover:

Types of Affiliate Income Instant Pay? Long Term Pay? What to choose when!

Choosing the BEST Merchant and Products There's a wealth of hidden affiliate products many people overlook. I show you where to find them!

Makng Your Customers Happy So They Buy (Happy customers buy more from you! You'll get several key criteria you can check off, one by one)

Once you've completed the above easy steps, you're ready to dive into profitable affiliate marketing techniques!!

And instead of drowning you with dozens of ideas...

You will then discover:

7+ Ways of Profiting via Affiliate Marketing!!

7 Types!

All of them newbie friendly...

All of them spelled out, waiting for you!

And these are techniques ANY newbie can use:

Affiliate Marketing from Articles - yes, this still does work today... especially if you follow our modernized ideas!

Affiliate Marketing from Forums - complete with the netiquette-friendly art of increasing your profits!

Affiliate Marketing from Interviews - including how to reach out to pro marketers for a YES!

Affiliate Marketing from Social Media - with the BEST way to get the word out on multiple platforms!

Affiliate Marketing from Webinars - including how to power up your closing call to action!

Affiliate Marketing from Product Creation - complete with profitable examples!


This is powerful stuff, folks.

Clocking in at a meaty, no-fluff 110+ pages, 2019 Unboxing Affiliate Marketing is guaranteed to get you started on the road to increased affiliate commissions...


And remember...

I should know.

Here's some snapshots of my own W+ and JVzoo accounts:





Keep in mind...

The above DOES NOT take into account my earnings from product creation, the Nanacast affiliate platform and more!

Now, let me give you a headsup.

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  • Lifetime cookie truths
  • The SMART approach
  • Connecting with Creators
  • Non-IM Affiliate Networks
  • Niche Affiliate Networks
  • Creating Free Sites
  • Delighting Your Customers
  • Secrets of Conversion
  • Standing Out
  • Profiting From Classics
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  • Finding Your Audience
  • Quick Article Creation
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  • Guest Blogging Profits
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  • Forum Secrets
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