🌠 The Art of Some eMail Split Testing?

Ever have an insane desire to totally destroy your sleeping patterns and instead, split-test the living earlobes out of your latest emails?

Well if so, I feel your pain. Soooo sooo much. Smile

And with that out of the way, ever then wonder what thingees you *can* split test?

Well then!

Let’s showcase these 6 ideas of simply splendid A/Bizing excitement!

Subject line: Create two versions of the subject line and randomly assign half of your email list to receive version A and the other half to receive version B.

Measure the open rates for each version and use the one with the higher open rate for future campaigns.

But why stop there? Next, think about testing the:

From name: Create two versions of the from name and randomly assign half of your email list to receive version A and the other half to receive version B. ie, from Barb Ling or from Barb “MamaBear” Ling.

Use the one that brings you the most joy!

Moving on:

From email address: What works better? From info@dabcoaching.com or dab@dabcoaching.com or yourheroishere@dabcoaching.com ?

(Remember, you’re going to want to vary only 1 thingee in these tests! And in the above case, which already has 1 more than suggested, errr, variation, use the better-performing example).

Preheader text: You know how sometimes you can see a snippet of what the email is about? Well, what if you could generate one email where the visual pretext is “It all started when I stubbed my toe” and compare that to “I secured this 34% coupon for …” As always, test test test, and the send the best best best to the rest rest rest of your lest lest lest!

Okay, “list.” Smile

Email layout: Create two versions of the email layout and randomly assign half of your email list to receive version A and the other half to receive version B. And how could those layouts vary? 2 columns, 1 column, no images, 837 images, etc.etc.etc.

Call-to-action placement: That Click HERE call to action! Where is it on your email? Could moving it someplace else increase your profits Are you using a button or a rectangle? Will Luke marry Laura? Heck for these modern times, will Laura marry Luke or basically say, y’know, your attitudes worked great for the 1980s but nowadays, I think I’ll allow the captain of the Titan Starship to win my heart instead (true fact – Wil Riker really is married to Laura Spencer, or if you insist on real names, Genie Francis is married to Jonathan Frakes) and … whatever call to action works better, use it!

‘course, it’s also worth noting that you should only test one element at a time and send the test to a random sample of your subscribers and not your whole list (not mention, testing against a goodsized number will help with your data points received.


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