🌠 THIS is who making money online is all about ?

Have you ever wondered what making money online is all about?

Actually, no, let me rephrase that.

Have you ever wondered WHO making money online is all about?

Is it about you?

Your customers?

Your family?

The Beaks of Doom that guard your hallowed sanctuary?

Or someone/something else?


I’ve been pondering upon this for a few centuries now (starting since around 2pm yesterday) for a very crucial, serious, not-to-be-scoffed-at reason.

Dr. Strange.

Yep, it’s one of my favorite movies (it came out in October in 2016. Points to whomever guesses exactly why I know that particular fact). And if I really like something, I tend to operate on the side of caution and include aspects of it in 97% of my posts.


One of my favorite moments in that movie comes from the last exchange between The Ancient One and Dr. Strange:


The Ancient One: Do you wonder what I see in your future?

Dr. Strange: No. Yes.

The Ancient One: I never saw your future. Only its possibilities.

You have such a capacity for goodness.

You always excelled, but not because you crave success, but because of your fear of failure.

Dr. Strange: It’s what made me a great doctor.

The Ancient One: It’s precisely what *kept you from greatness*. Arrogance and fear still keep you from learning the simplest and most significant lesson of all.

Dr. Strange: Which is?

The Ancient One: It’s not about *you*.


It really isn’t, you know?

It’s been said, follow your passion and the money will come (which is a HUGE amount of moose byproducts because virtually the ONLY way that money will come thundering to your doorstep is if you *also* know how to build a list, monetize a website, encourage social sharing, possess the confidence to actually *mail* that list, put yourself out there, and other marketingly stuff like that).


I mean, money generally comes when:

Step 1.) Someone sees something because of you and then:

Step 2.) Said someone does something (buys your product, buys a product via your affiliate link, hires you because of your skills, fills out a CPA form and generates a commission to you, gets on your list, returns a direct mail piece with their phone number on it, reads your daily newsletter, etc.etc.etc.) that results in money flowing in your direction.

So assuming the above scenario is more truthier than the statement “Nerds candy are superb diet aides”, one could say, it’s NOT all about you.

It’s about your customers.

BUT! Here’s a simple question…. if #2 is how you get money…

How does #1 happen?

Yep. You have to take action (money adores speed!) and make things happen.

Taken that way, well, it IS all about you. Because if you fall prey to analysis/paralysis/excuses/fear/lack of self-confidence/the overconsumption of Nerds candy etc…..

You’ll never sow the seeds that helps your money tree *begin* to grow.

So who is ‘making money online’ all about?

You… or your customers? Or someone else?


ps – looking to see how simple making money can be? Check out:

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