🌠Your Glorious Feet – Today’s Moment of Money Making

Quick! Think about the most exciting feature of your body.

Is it your shapely biceps that look lusciously beefy in a sleeveless karate gi (camo-colored as well – the gi, that is, not the biceps)?

Or is it your magnificent washboard abs, the kind that make the rest of us mortals go “Where on earth did individual discover the Secret to Deeply Ripped Abs while Consuming Solely Nerds Candy 7×24?”

No silly, of course not!

’tis … Feet!

OK perhaps not YOUR feet, but…. amazingly so, many an individual savors the notion of specifically shapely feet (BigFoot generally – no need to apply) available for their, errr, scholarly… yes Scholarly appreciation!

Enter sites that cater to non-Bigfoot (and to be perfectly inclusive, yes, BigFoot-feet sites must surely exist)… feet!

Like say…


Where, and I quote:

“FeetFinder is the safest, easiest, and most secure website for verified users to view, buy and sell custom feet content. Over 1,000,000 users uploading and buying content daily.”

1M uploading/buying? I wonder how much is uploading and how much is buying?


There, you can buy Feet Pics but more importantly for money making, sell subscriptions for those who adore, well, your feet.

So how do you even START, ahem, “footing the bill” hahahahahahhahacoffee ?

You can check out:



www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJCGDZLq4Ew (side note – I cannot believe how many more views sites like these get compared to others ways to profit)

And of course, don’t forget CYA (covering your assets) – be sure to look into the legal protection from sites like:



And how do you get customers for this? Why,



So what’s the pros and cons from a business viewpoint?

Pros – Money! Huge demand in fetish industry.

Cons – Cost of making your feet pretty, online security, competition.

But hey. To each their own. Smile


ps – looking to see how simple making money can be? Check out:

(It’s Free!)

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