How To Choose A ROCKIN’ Domain Name for 2012

All during this past week, I've blogged about thingees to consider for 2012.

And the last two days focused upon domain names!

Now, I know it's been said that all the nifty spiffy coolio names are already taken, but that truly is not the case whatsoever.

Guaranteed – take any topic today, and you can devise a super name.

For example, let's take the Never Say Die concept of "make money."

As of the time of this writing, these domains are still available.

Took me less than a minute to devise these names, using the handy dandy .

So the question now becomes, how *do* you devise great domain names?

It's easy!  Here are some of my favorite tips.

NOTE!1.)  Check domain name spinners.

Enter in your keywords, click "Search" and Bob's your uncle!

NOTE!2.)  Tack on industry keywords.

Is your personal name domain taken?


  • design
  • makeover
  • consulting
  • services
  • fantasy


to it.

NOTE!3.)  Add local areas.

Do you service only your town?

Add your state abbreviation, town name, address plus state, etc.

NOTE!4.)  Use

It's truly a godsend!

For example, let's say that you want a domain name that focuses upon personal fitness.

Search on

You'll see:

  • exclusive, private, special, individual

and more.  All names that can be used for personal fitness!  ie, at the time of this writing, all the following are available.

See?  Easy!

* * * *

Never let anyone tell you all the good domain names are taken for 2012!

With a bit of ingenuity, you can always come up with some extraordinary.

And that, of course, is a Very Good Thing indeed!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

ps – The above is only a smattering of the goodness you'll discover in my book, Income Fitness! If you'd like to get the complete blueprint to making 2012 YOUR year, check out the latest edition of Income Fitness below.

Income Fitness

ps – speaking about domain names, have you seen the following ones up for grabs?


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