08/29/12 – Flingling myself OFF the Cliff and Watching My Wings Dramatically Unfold

Good morning part II!

I’m happily enjoying my jalapeno and beef breakfast soup and decided that while munching, should really update my readers on what’s going on.


Yesterday I decided to create a paid monthly membership for MY style of email marketing.

For me, this is….HUGE.

Huge for several reasons!

One, prior to Las Vegas and my ankle crumbling in a heap, I was having problems seeing myself helm a membership – it’s an awesome responsibility!

Thing is, though, the amount of support/positive comments that have been pouring in….it’s changed my mind big-time.  I already HAVE moved to that level….it simply now makes sense to share it with others.

So today until Friday will be spent creating the 30-odd lessons that are required and teaching myself Office Autopilot, NanaCast and more!

What else.  Well, Cindy’s launch of

was a grand hit – Covert Video Press woot!  I’ll be using it myself for whenever I start to videoize too….wonderful stuff indeed.

And so starts the day!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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