Knowing WHEN to Fold – Key Life Skill

Sometimes…we care…too much.

And other times, we go out of our ways for people who just don't give a damn.

Now, lots of times, we can look at the bigger picture and say to ourselves – "Actions might not be appreciated today, but next month or next year or what have you….the light will dawn!"

And while that might very well be true, you have to ask yourself the following question.

"Honestly….why bother?"

I've been in situations where holding the line and standing my ground has shown beyond a shadow of a doubt good intentions…and have created very positive results indeed.

But the plain truth is…

Life isn't fair, and it just doesn't always happen that way.


When you reach out to someone, you have to take ownership of the very real possibility that your actions *will* be misinterpreted or not valued.  I think bunches of life living can help us in recognizing when people truly are WYSIWYG and act with zero hidden agendas…and the fact  is, you just cannot force that realization onto people if they refuse to see.

I experienced that twice this weekend.   One situation was a case of extreme non-joy, and the other, well, it is what it is.

Thus, today, tell yourself that you'll be open to knowing *when* to fold (I think I'm folding now).

You'll be open to knowing when to let people go to hell.

You'll be open to letting the future unfold in rather painful ways…and not do anything to stop it (which I'm doing now).

You simply cannot help the world if it doesn't want it.

Internalizing that…it's yet another step towards wisdom.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

ps – as folding is inherent in poker, have you seen:

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