Our Bonuses for Jeremy’s Awesome Super Simple Sales System Goodie!


By now, you’ve probably received around eleventy-three zillion about Jeremy’s latest goodie – the Super Simple Sales System!

And in a nutshell, it’s just *that*.   Dennis and I have used aspects of this idea ourselves and OMG – the man is 100% correct!

So like all good marketers, Dennis and I are offering our bonus(es) for this amazingly grand offer (we challenge you to find any better!)

First, let’s check out what Dennis is offering:

2 (extremely hot!) 10×10 matrix bundles for:

🎯 Affiliate Marketing


🎯 Writing and Publishing

And what’s so cool about them?   Well, together, they offer you 40(!) topics that *include* the entire TOCs so you just have paint by numbers to fill one out and voila!

You can rapidly create products (and books and blog posts and just about *anything* content-creation wise in a niche teaming with digital content buyers, ensuring you are put on the Fast Track for being the first to putting up buy buttons (using, I might add, some of the special ways that Jeremy mentions!)


And my personal Barb Ling bonus for upsell purchases?

I have mastered how to use ChatGPT to create products at the drop of a coffee-cup.  The first 10 buyers of any upsell will receive access to one of my own ChatGPT conversations, where you can see *exactly* how I can create quality products/bonuses and more….

… simply by knowing *how* to ask the correct prompt.

So!  When you have purchased an upsell, just send me a copy of the receipt to btl@barbaraling.com , and I will send you those rather creative yet effective conversations, you can use yourself.

Sounds good?  Well then, click HERE to check it out ASAP – you’re going to love what you discover.




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