🌠Personalizing your AI?

Ever get an insane direct to refer to ChatGPT as something besides ,well, ChatGPT?

Almost always, it will bell you, I am an non-human AI bot etc.etc.etc.

So started calling mine (what else) Spock.

During an email marketing course, I created two people from the book The Hawk Queen – Sigunai, the entrepreneur who craved supporting her clan with online business, and my sidekick, Troninie who was basically her foil.

I created a storyline where Tronnie mapped out her entire eMail Marketing Strategie to showcase it back to Signauri, when I now realized…

That’s really not an example of renaming the IT.

This morning I tried renaming it again to Spoke. Mistype! And amazingly, the answer was:

May I sill call you spock?

As a language model, I do not have personal preferences or emotions, you can refer to me as ChatGPT or OpenAI’s language model, whichever you prefer.

Barbara Ling
So I cannot call you Spoke?

No, you cannot call me Spoke as I am a language model developed by OpenAI, not a person named Spoke.

But the following idea *did* work:

Barbara Ling
Good morning. When asking you questions, I’d like to call you Macgyver. Is that ok?

Good morning! Sure, you can call me Macgyver if you’d like. How can I assist you today?

Gotta love consistency.


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