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Wow, I can't begin to express how thrilled I am with the emails I've received regarding me sharing the techniques that I've been using now since 1998 to generate a substantial income online!

Want me to cut to the chase?  Here are my reviews:

There's been good years, there's been bad years, but in almost all cases…the fact that I diversify my online money-making techniques and can rely upon multiple streams of income is what's really been keeping my family doing quite well. There are a whole suite of ways one can make a living online….but here's the thing I've now realized from my >10 years experience! And that's:

Some Things Never Change.

Things like….

  • Satisfying customer's WANTs and not NEEDs
  • The first sale is never the last sale
  • Happy customers tell others about your offerings
  • Never fear to offer freebies because that just shows how confident you are

Sure, things like Adsense and affiliate marketing and the like have broadened your money making opportunities (my suite of Rich Hermit books showcase how I utilize those techniques; a good chunk of my business still focuses on niche building). But if you're of the "I want to network and build up my reach" bent with regards to making money online, the core values still hold oh so much. Beginners Make MoneyAs I always walk the walk I talk, allow me to offer to you the complimentary copy of my Beginners Make Money Cookbook that you see to the left. It contains 14 of some of the most popular ways you can earn an income online. Written 5 years ago (you'll see that Problogger was an authority site back then too), you'll see that virtually everything you learn is applicable today (how's that for demonstrating my claim that some things remain the same, year after year?). Just click on the above, save the file "" to your computer and then double-click it to open it. You'll see the PDF file "learn.pdf" – double-click on that and away you go! (need a free pdf-reader? Grab one at Adobe Acrobat). Read it and enjoy…and if you find it of benefit to your friends, send them a copy too. Money TreeVery soon, I plan on categorizing all of my recommended tools that I've used over the past decade to become successful. Some are free, some are paid, some are cheap, and some are expensive….I personally believe that only fools save pennies to kiss dollars goodbye. Certainly, I love getting tools for free like ALinks and Psychic Search… but I also had no problem paying for the Pro version of that coolio Stripe bar you see at the top of my blog (the lite version is free!). In the meanwhile, if you haven't already, do sign up for my free newsletter to be kept abreast when my Recommendations are ready – you'll get a blueprint that describes several of the ways I've made a killing online that you can do as well. You can sign up below like so!

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