What’s the BEST way for YOU to touch lives?

Are you a marketer?

  • If so, I'll bet that you want to touch lives via the products your customers buy.

Are you a parent?

  • If so, you probably want to touch the lives of your children via your wisdom and tough life lessons already learned.

But now let me ask you.

What if the people you want to touch….have no idea of the value you offer?

It happens all the time!

As you probably know, there are thousands of bloggers and marketers and entrepreneurs who offer fantastic quality…but the customers simply don't know enough to buy.

Heck, you might even be one of these writers/product creators yourself!

And you might have astonishing wisdom to share regarding parenting or healing or coaching or what have you…but again, when it comes to actually putting down the money or making the effort, your targeted audience just passes you by.

It sure is frustrating!

The question now becomes…

How can you compel your audience to give you a single, simple chance to win their hearts?

It sure can be tough…but also, can be accomplished by dint of hard work and the following crystal clear concept.

Make visits to your site…something everyone anticipates.

Make it lift their spirits!

Make it compel your visitors to tell their friends.

Certainly, have your products and goodies ready to sell, but remember…

  • In this day and age, you simply *must* connect with your targeted audience via their *emotions*.

Word of mouth…that sells.

Excellent reviews in business magazines – that sells too!

And don't forget…

Giving people a reason to anticipate the latest of goodness you have to offer…it's one of the biggest selling points imaginable.

Don't worry about selling on the first or second or 10th or what have you visit!

Instead, focus on building your list and your relationship with your readers.

In other words….give them goodness they simply cannot find anywhere else.


Before you can touch people's lives…you have to first compel them to let you *in* it.

And that, of course, is a whole 'nother topic for a whole 'nother post indeed.  🙂

Grow strong,

— Barbara Ling

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