You’re too freakin’ old to learn how to make money with a blog – HAH!

Erector setMorning!

Ever feel like it’s the younger generation who really has the edge on you? You know, those, ahem, eager young stalwart lads and lasses whose babyhood was spent teething on a mouse, who learned to count by dismantling their parents’ spare (or NOT spare, in our case) keyboards and who knew how to touch-type before they were potty trained?

Well, to that, gentle readers, I have but one word to say:


I was reminded of this yesterday when I took stock of my own personal challenges. To begin with, I’m a handicapable mom in her 40s….but because of my outlook on life (including having lost 50+ pounds in the past 17 months), I’m in far better shape both physically AND mentally than I ever was in my 20s or 30s. Heck, I can outlast my kids in karate sparring, long distance locomoting and creative writing to boot!

And I firmly believe that ANYONE (yes! I made a definitive statement! ANYONE!) can power themselves up no matter what their age is…by implementing one simple action. And that is:


Give Yourself Permission To Learn….and Shine.

Wasn’t that simple? But it’s so true.

By far, this is the most important quality you can possess to achieve your goals above and beyond your wildest dreams. Think about it – when it comes right down to it, upon whom ELSE besides yourself….can you depend?

Well? I’m waiting! C’mon…whom?

Bingo! Nobody! It’s just you! Certainly…you have your family, and your friends, and your mentors and your fellow playgroup parents and your workout buddies and your downline and your upline and your karate sparring colleagues and your Kendo fighting friends etc., but can they proactively sit you down in front of a computer….and make you learn?

Didn’t think so.

Only you can do that!

There are sooo many ways to learn how to make money with a niche blog or site for free.. the mind reels. You can visit for ideas, read Steve Pavlina’s excellent article on the subject, check out Courtney Tuttle’s site and the like. All that’s required is for you to actually DO something with the knowledge gained.

What’s that I hear you say?

You’re still feeling intimidated?

Make Money CookbookNot to fear; as I pride myself on walking the walk I talk (in this case, freely sharing what I know works), you can click on the picture and download a complimentary copy of my popular Beginner’s Make Money Cookbook that you see to the right. No strings attached – you don’t have to sign up for my newsletter, subscribe to my feed or anything like that.

Just save the file to your computer, double click it, open it and enjoy! It’s a pdf file, so if you need a free PDF reader, grab one here. And if you like the book, share it with your friends! Not only does it describe 14 different ways of making money online, it also gives you direct links to online tutorials for computer skills like maximizing affiliate commissions, building pages, building blogs, finding free graphics and more.

You see, I really believe that moving from FAILURE to SUCCESS with regards to making money online, or making money with a blog, or what have you….is bridgeable by the following critical action:


Turn the Key In Your Mind

So you think you’re too old to learn? Well let me tell you:

Age is only a variable….if you let it be so!!

After all, I’m a mom in her 40s who not only spars in karate (the only woman my age to do so, I might add), I’m also the only woman (of any age) who participates in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in my area. Just about all my fellow students are half my age.

But I chose to never let that stop ME.

Making money online is second nature to me as I’ve been doing this now since 1998…it’s something I can do in my sleep. But Martial Arts…heck, I only started that a year ago… it was a brave new frontier for myself. Back then, I was less graceful than a moose figure-skaking on eggshells (using roller-blades no less!).


I had two choices – give excuses for myself and give up, or learn. I chose to learn.

So! If the wild world of the Internet is YOUR brave new frontier, instead of asking yourself, why am I not succeeding online…. turn the key in your mind and inquire:

“What skills must I CHOOSE to master to generate my success?”


Age is only a variable….if you let it be so!!

The choice is yours.

What will it be?



#BEGIN highlights of this blog writing post:

Beginners blogging tips: EVERYONE was a beginner at some time in their lives…even me. You control when you move from that label to “experienced”.

Intermediate and/or Advanced blogging tips: If age perception is an issue for you, lose the “I’m too old to learn something new” attitude. If that’s really the case, it’s not that you’re too old…it’s that learning something new is NOT important enough for you to step out of your comfort zone.

#END highlights of this blog writing post

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ps – did you know you can still buy Erector sets like one pictured the above?

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