Embrace the power of The ReTweet – Day 18 of 21 Days to a More Profitable Blog

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(It’s 12:13pm and my, it’s not 4am, eh?)

Howdy everyone, my apologies for the delay in this lesson.  Today was Field Day at my kids’ school, otherwise known as Heck Melted in the Blazingly Broiling Sunshine (okay, that’s poetic license as it’s in the 70s and overcast and what have you.  But hey, I’m a mathematician, I’m allowed to define my own reality.  🙂  )

Did some useful work, mind you, this morning – wrote 3 Easy Ways to Appear ‘Way Smarter Than Your Peers and Creative Profitable Idea for Replacing Lousy-Performing Rectangular Ads, commented at Come and get ‘em – edupunk merit badges and How Much Free Content Should I Put in My Blog?, and now….now it’s time for!

Today is Day 18 of my series, 21 Days To A More Profitable Blog! 

And for today, I’d like to discuss:

OH NO OH YES!!!  Twitter!!

But not the way you think.  🙂

If you’ve been online now for more than 34 seconds, you’ve probably heard about Twitter (not to mention TwitterBudgie, that parallel universe Twitter Solution Provider).

You can learn more about Twitter over at:

Oh, heck, since I’m the author of that article too, let me append at least half of ’em…:

So I couldn’t resist.  🙂  Hey, it happens.

Anywhos!  Almost a month ago, I wrote:

It dealt with @ShannonNelson‘s 4 perfect steps for publicity:

….Stumble, digg comment, repeat err retweet!

What’s a retweet?  ‘Tis simple – post about your blog comment on Twitter….and then 6 or 8 hours later, retweet it again for the afternoon/evening/morning crowd.

’tis simple to do and quite effective to boot.  And here’s how!

NOTE!Before You Begin – Write a blog post.

It’s kinda sorta difficult to retweet something if you have yet to write it.


NOTE!Step 1 – Tweet it.

Tell your network on Twitter about it.  I’ll generally write something like:

New blog post – 3 Easy Ways to Appear ‘Way Smarter Than Your Peers – http://tinyurl.com/3oyxfp

Notice how I include the TinyURL so I can stay under 140 characters.  I wrote Easy Way to let people Twitter Your Link to help provide that information.

From that, smoothly segue into:

NOTE!Step 2 – Do the rest of your day’s activities.

Life doesn’t end at one blog post.  Continue your daily activity. Make certain you post periodically to Twitter as well so your initial link will scroll off your page by the end of 8 hours.  And finally, after said 8 hours has passed:

NOTE!Step 3 – Retweet it.

It’s a very simple step – you can use words similar to:

Retweet – 3 Easy Ways to Appear ‘Way Smarter Than Your Peers – http://tinyurl.com/3oyxfp

And voila…you’re done.   Your blog post has been promoted to BOTH your day AND night Twitter pals.

Nice, eh?

NOTE!In closing

In today’s lesson, you learned a simple way to alert your different aspects of your Twitter audience as to your post.

And of course (you really didn’t think I’d close a post without this now, did you?)  an opportunity now arises! 

You’ve tweeted and stumbled and socially dug your brilliant article…how else can you get the word out?

HOMEWORKWhat’s the best way to find niche sites that use CommentLuv on their blogs?

Hmmmm?  :)

Thus, until tomorrow!  (and don’t forget, if you think any of your friends would benefit from these tutorials, please do share them!  They’ll thank you for it…guaranteed).


Barbara Ling


#BEGIN highlights of this blog writing post:

Beginners blogging tips: Join Twitter.

Intermediate and/or Advanced blogging tips: Retweet your articles at least twice to hit both the morning and evening Twitter audiences.

#END highlights of this blog writing post

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ps – speaking about being profitable, look at:

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