Narrowly AVOID Tomorrow’s Negative Sales by Doing This Easy Step Today – Part 1

I hate ignorance.

Don't you?

I mean, think about it. 

There are so many easy things you could be doing today that would make your future sales 'way easier tomorrow.  Alas, you're ignoring them.  Blindly.

And that applies applied to me too!  After all, with today's information overload, it's reeeaaalllllly easy to let things slip thru the cracks.

Take today's brilliant post by Brian Solis:

The Dawn of the Social Consumer

To wit:

From online to offline to online again, social consumers are checking into businesses, fusing online and offline engagement and influencing behavior and decisions in the process.  These increasingly important acts of social exchanges are gaining in value and delivering benefits for both sides. As a result, social consumers now expect to be rewarded for their role in the socialization of your brand…and rightly so.

Rumors are already swirling that the recently launched Facebook Places geo-location service will soon encourage businesses to offer deals in exchange for check-ins.….MORE…..

Now, I want to you to click above to that article and *really*…..*really*… it.

Take your time too, I'll wait and reflect on my past daring Eyeglasses scam-exposing adventure:

Ah, you're back! 

Now, let me ask you.

What's the *first* thing you did when you completed reading the article?


  • Did you say, "oOo that's nifty!" and come back here?
  • Did you instead think "Jeepers!  My coffee cup!  It's empty!" and go to refill it?
  • Did you drop and give yourself 50 pushups because hey, that's just plain cool?


Here's what I did!

I said to meself:

"Self, this is coming down the pike – I'd be dumber than scrawny parakeet taking on a ravenous saber toothed tiger if I didn't start keeping myself abreast of this Fcommerce trend!"

See, I don't do much with Facebook yet besides maintain my deliciously filling, strangely satisfying, sinfully …decadent….. Fan Page entitled The Unleashed Expert.  But just because I wasn't tapping into the magnificent benefits F-commerce offers to me, it doesn't mean I should pretend it's as fairy-tale-like as an honest politician!

So I zoomed over to my Google Feedreader, created a new category called (get this! Social Commerce!) and added the following blogs to it.

That way, I have the latest articles from the leading blogs about this F-commerce niche thingee topic….right at my fingertips.

But wait!

That was not all I did!

Oh no, oh no!

While I was searching, I realized that bunches of non-f-commerce-specific sites were blogging about the topic…but including them in that particular category was just plain confusing!

So guess what I did!  No no, instead of guessing what I did, tell me…what would you do?

Take your time once more, I'll wait.  Perhaps I'll even amuse myself with:

Ah, you're back!  And yes, you're right.

That's *exactly* what I did!

I added a Google News feed for "F-commerce" to my Feed Reader.

It's easy to do!  First, you go to Google News.

Then you search for "I want to sign up for Barbara Ling's News Feed" 


Sure, there might be only a handful of articles today, but who knows how many more people might be writing about it in the far-away future?

Once you see the search results, you can scroll down until you see that tremendously huge RSS icon like so:


NOTE!Step 1.)  Hover over that RSS link, right click, and choose "Copy Link Location".

This copies the RSS URL to your computer.

NOTE!Step 2.)  Go to your Feedreader and add it in.

If you're using Google Feedreader, simply click on the

Add New Subscription

Then you would paste in the URL (ie, click " V" or possibly right-click and choose PASTE).

Once that feed was added, you would then choose Feed Settings and select "New Folder" so you could categorize it nicely.

Need help with Google Feedreader?  The following should be most useful!

And Voila!  Whenever a new topic you want to learn about pops up in the news, you'll be alerted to it.

Neat, eh?

Now hold it right there!  I can read your mind, see, and know you're thinking:

"But Barbara, how will doing the above help me narrowly avoid tomorrow's negative sales?"

An excellent question!  It helps you because IF F-commerce really does take off…you'll already be aware of the tools and resources you can tap into for your own business online as well.

And that, of course, can only be described as a Very Good Thing indeed!

Remember, gentle reader – we're living in an age where information is being delicately fed to us with the force of an out of control firehose.

It's up to *you* to manage it wisely.  And you can!

Go for it now…your bottom line will thank you later.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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