Ultimate Steel Cage Match: Facebook Vs. Pinterest Infographics: Share Who Will Win!

Morning all!

It’s a grand Tuesday morning and you know something?   After all of the tremendously mind-opening learning I’ve done from the Ultimate Social Challenge

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But I digress.  🙂

Today, I decided that scouting out awesome content you could share with your network would be grand…and what better goodie than the eagerly awaited Deadly Steel Cage Infographics Faceoff between Facebook and Pinterest?

Share your comments below!

So enjoy!

Infographic #1) Facebook 2012

First, let’s take a 16 metric tonne look at Facebook, shall we?

[Source: Infographics Labs]

Sure looks hugely unbeatable, right?  Especially when you consider:

Infographic #2) Facebook Fan Page eCommerce

Big huge brandnames are making a killing with F-Commerce!  See for yourself:

[Source: Social Media Influence]

Yep, pretty powerful indeed!

Especially when you take into account the Godzilla-like power of:

Infographic #3) Facebook Marketing

One would think Facebook is kinda sorta unbeatable, right?  After all, look at:

[Source: Social Media Marketing]

But as you know, it all comes down to…


MAGIC Numbers.

Numbers like:

Infographic #4) Facebook Magic Numbers

I especially like the “20 million likes per day!”  You?

[Source: 401Social.com]

Facebook is smart because they realize not everyone focuses on reality and business.  That’s why the following exists.

Infographic #5) Why Facebook Games Are So Popular

Hehe, I have some personal viewpoints meself…what do you think?

[Source: Prism Casino]

 And to cap it all off….Facebook just released:

Infographic #6) New Facebook Timeline Infographic

(Btw, if you’ haven’t updated yours yet, you can get grandly inspired at .41+ Insanely Compelling Fresh Facebook Timeline Cover Photos… and Free Resources You Can Use To Do The Same.  Just sayin’….)

[Source: Iframe Apps]

Sounds unbeatable, aye?

So let’s now take a look at Facebook’s Beefy Contender…..Pinterest!

Infographic #7.) Pinterest Deconstructed

It’s more than just recipes.  Trust me on this.


[Source: Maxymiser.com]

Looks good, right?

Well, compared to Facebook, Pinterest has a totally different environment that’s grand for marketing (and I should know, I wrote The Pinning Games meself you know)…

Look at:

Pinterest Infographic #8 – Marketing on Pinterest

This infographic is gold!

[source: Selling on Pinterest by Marketing On Pinterest]

And guess what one smart person has done…

Facebook Infographic #9 – Selling Directly On Pinterest

Very cool indeed.

[source: Marketing Directly On Pinterest by Marketing On Pinterest]

You see, Pinterest’s astonishing growth is all pointing to massive:

Infographic #10 – Pinterest Power

It be big.

Real big.

Bigger than Godzilla chowing down on Tokyo big.

 [source: Perform Insider]


That’s big, alright!

But the game-changer I personally see that could allow Pinterest to put Facebook in a strangle-hold is:

Facebook Infographic #11 – Pinterest allows for truly creative, easy, idjut-proof branding

I just created the infographic below – the original article with the full 21 ways written by  can be found over at  21 Unexpected Ways Brands Can Use Pinterest.

It’s grand stuff indeed…and most thought-provoking as well.

[Original Article – 21 Unexpected Ways Brands Can Use Pinterest]

And if the above isn’t enough….look at:

Facebook Infographic #12 – Pinterest is Outperforming Facebook!

Compelling facts here, folks….


Pretty heady stuff, aye?


Who Will Win?  Facebook or Pinterest?

What’s your take?

Which social media platform will emerge to become the King of Social Media Marketing for 2012?

I’d love to hear your comments below!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
I Turn Chaos Into Simplicity

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