Long Tail SEO tips for local business high visibility


I have one simple question for you.

Let’s say that you have a local business, oh, say, hmmm…..recruiting.  Headhunting!  In other words, you match quality local job seekers with local positions.

With me so far?

Obviously, if your service is in another industry, replace that mental image with yours.  🙂

Anywhos!  Let’s say now that your local recruiting businesses specializes in the IT sector.  Things like web development, ajax, enterprise, networking, joomla….thingees of that nature.

Again, with me so far?

Alrighty!  NOW….let’s take a look at some of what you’re selling (in this case, it would be your job offers).

  • You might have a local job that’s targeted to a unix systems administrator.
  • You might have another local job (in a different town) that’s focused instead of on customer call centers.
  • You could have the third job that is desperately searching for a quality project manager to oversee vast Windows development.

Let’s now assume the locality in question is Queensboro, Florida.

Take a look at those 3 thingees you’re selling:

  • Unix sysadmin job in Queensboro, FL
  • Customer call center manager in Queensboro, FL
  • Project manager in Windows Environment in Queensboro, FL

Now…let me ask you.

Do you think there will be people who search for

  • unix jobs queensboro FL
  • call center jobs queensboro florida
  • windows project management jobs (florida | FL)

That’s called a Long Tail Keyword search (meaning…while it might not show up very often at all, chances are…if someones searching for something that specific, they’re more than just a tire-kicker).

Wouldn’t it be peachy indeed if your company’s local business site showed up in the top 10 for these searches?

And this isn’t applicable JUST for recruiting businesses – let’s take, oh, hmmm….real estate too!

Some people might search for

  • apartments in queensboro FL
  • cheap ranch house Florida
  • mother daughter house Queensboro FL
  • 2 story entrance huse for sale queensboro FL

and if you were a Realtor instead…wouldn’t it be just dandy if your local business site rose up to the top 10?

It’s easy to do!!

All you have to do is take what you’re offering (job listings, house listings, etc) and build a page that focuses SPECIFICALLY on that topic.

Think about the benefits that will offer both you and visitors from Google to your site.

Here’s two of them:

Service-related keywords are automatically included.

Job posts will always include the skills required, the acronyms involved, the certifications appreciated, etc.etc.etc.  All of those are important keywords!  And because those pages would appear on your local business site, your local keywords (state, town, etc.) would be included as well.

And house descriptions – the same thing!  And just about anything else you can sell locally..the same idea holds.

You’ll be giving visitors EXACTLY what they’re looking for.   This makes Google happy.

The fact is that specific service-related pages on your site give your visitors just what they’re looking for.  After all, what ELSE would have ‘project management jobs in Queensboro, FL’ except for…well, project management job-related pages?

The same things holds for other optimized pages as well.

If that’s not worthy of a peach-filled orchard, I don’t know what is!  🙂

Thus….take a long hard look at what local services/products you offer…and then see how you can craft long-tail search keywords to target those phrases.

I’ll bet you dollars to donuts it will help you increase your bottom line…quite dramatically indeed!

Why not give it a try?


Barbara Ling

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