Why some online marketers hide the truth from you and what you can do about it

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I wrote the following, wow, hmmm….8 months ago?  And it’s still even more relevant today, what with tons of scammers trying to get your hard-earned dollars.  Please do feel free to stumble/share with your network.  — Barbara Ling

The following is excerpted from my 200+ page complimentary, Beginners Make Money Cookbook.  Hope you enjoy!

I want you to sit down (okay, you’re probably already doing that), close your eyes (after you read the next part, that is) and ask yourself

  • What have I heard is really the truth about making money online?
  • And why do so many marketers tell me that I’ll be up the proverbial paddle without a creek if I don’t buy their materials?
  • And why do some marketers tell me I can make millions even if I have no clue as to what to sell, how to sell it or how to create it (and with little to no time to do it on my own)?

And why do some people tell me they’re offering additional material valued at $9,283 for free if I buy their $47 product?


Why, you ask?

Simple. Because that’s what sells.

Marketers will tell you how poor and miserable you’ll be without their products to create a sense of urgency within you to buy.

Marketers will tell you how you can make millions even if you’re clueless because they’ll outline the exact steps it takes….however (and this is key), making money online is a skill…one that takes time to master.

Put another way…I could probably give you a step-by-step process for becoming a football superstar, but it’s up to you to follow my directions.

  • Do YOU have the fortitude critical to making the playoffs?
  • Do YOU have the knack for knowing where the football will end up…and how to recover it and go to score a goal?
  • Do YOU have the physical stamina for day in, day out practice?

Well? You might. Then again, you might not.

Giving you the instructions isn’t the key…giving you the foundation of skills that is required…is.

Stay with me here, this is critical. You read so much hype and froth about making money online because…just about everyone has an inner dream for instant wealth and riches. Kinda like Ovaltine, that “just add this powder and make thick rich Ovaltine instantly!”

This is called ‘selling the dream’. It’s their job, they’re marketers. That’s what they do.

Your job as a consumer is to do your due-diligence and determine what kinds of money-making techniques can really work for you.

Oh, and the question about the bazillion of value given in addition for free if you buy a $47 book? It increases the perceived value of a product. Again, it’s a marketing technique.

So what can you do about it?

I climb to the heavens and shriek the answer!

Educate yourself, of course!

Whenever you have an insane desire to buy someone online…research it first.  Look for reviews!  Look for forum comments.  Look for bloggers who have already tested the product out!

But don’t stop there.  No no no, no no no, dare I say it again…


Recommendations are one thing (especially if the product recommended has an affiliate link)….

But knowing you possess the ability to actually USE the product is key!

Case in point.  Let’s say that you have an utter aversion to video blogging.  No matter how tremendous it might be, you simply cannot wrap your mind around the idea of "Voice" and "Internet" and make a wondrous symphony of the two…instead, you’re lucky if you emerge in one piece from the combination.

If that’s your mental outlook and technical abilities, that’s all very well and good!  (And I can vouch for that, as it’s currently were I am this moment.  Some year though, some year….). 

But if that’s the case, you had better not get sold on a video blogging product that requires you to actually (gasp!) do it.

Guaranteed, you’ll be wasting both your time AND money.  And that’s less wise than asking an angsting teen to guard your McDonald’s Happy Meal from all comers!

Thus, whenever you find yourself seized by an insane desire to spend money, first:

  • Do your research.  Search for the product and tack on the keywords ‘forum’ or ‘blog’ or ‘review’.
  • Read the sales copy.  Do you have the skills necessary to implement the tool?
  • Evaluate your own abilities.  Do you have the desire to actually USE the tool and use it well?

If, and ONLY if, you can implement the above 3 steps and be satisfied with the answers…then, and ONLY then…invest in the tool.

You’ll gain far more benefits from the purchase if you know ahead of time….it will serve you well.


Barbara Ling

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ps – and speaking about affiliate marketing:

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