Must-have HIGH payout alternative to Google Adsense

Clickbank goodiesMorning all,

Quick!  Notice my header image!  ideally, it looks something like the image to the left, correct?

Sure, the banner ad might be different…but the fact is, it’s THERE.

It’s a banner for a Clickbank product in the entrepreneurial category.

Now, here’s why I think this is megaSpiffy, and something you really want to consider for you. 

You might be aware that Clickbank offers over 6,000 infoproducts….many of them offering affiliate programs of 50% or more.  Well, isn’t a commission over $10 much more appetizing than an Adsense click of, oh, say, 3 cents?


Sure, it’s Pay upon buy (ie, not pay per click).  Thing is, though, you’d have to get at least 330 clicks on a comparable ad before you would equal a $10 affiliate payout!

Those odds….they’re something that does NOT flap my earlobes. 

And because many of the products offered are designed by seasoned marketers, they’ll provide a 7 day follow to folks who request more information…thus giving you a higher probability that eventually, a sale will be made with your ID tacked onto it.

 I like that quite a lot!! 


Using this tool is simple.  First off, you need a free Clickbank ID – if you don’t have one, click on THIS LINK to sign up (from there, click the "Sign Up Now" button at the bottom of the page…you’ll be redirected to a typical sign up page in which you enter your chosen login name/ID, payment information, etc.etc.etc.)

When you have your ID in hand, you can then join the free program Clckbank Pro!

You can opt for a free signup (in which you give 50% of the profits to the developer), or pay only $47 to retain all the profits for yourself!  Obviously, I chose the $47 dollar route – 2 or 3 sales and voila, it’s paid for itself.

What I really like about the program is not only does it have nifty neato Adsense-like ads such as:

Ads By CbproAds

Notice, btw, how the ads target Home Theater?  If you’re a savvy entrepreneur, you KNOW there’s no "Home Theater" choice in Clickbank categories…but you can use keywords to target your ads like so:

Clickbank Pro Example

Other cool ad formats include:

Slideshow Ads:

(you can change the content/speed of the show)

Ads By CbproAds

Scrolling Ads:


Ads By CbproAds

Image Ads

Ads By CbproAds


And by category:

Ads By CbproAds

As you can see, it’s pretty flexible indeed! 

I’ve even replaced the Google Adsense over at my free Virtual Coach Social Network with these options.

Intrigued?  I sure was when I first saw it…and obviously enough, I’m now sold.  Get thee hence over to CBPro now…and see just how easy it is to increase the profit potential on your sites, social networks, blogs and the like.  Your bottom line will thank you for it!

Click Bank Goodies1


Barbara Ling

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