When life bruises you, decorate it with a happy face and rebound

When Life bruises you, slap on a happy face!


Stop right there!

Tell me – when life throws you a curveball, what do YOU do?

Me, well….I just draw a big happy smiley face and rebound.  🙂

Take yesterday!   Yep….that’s my left forearm you see in that picture…and that simply loverly bruise was generated during my adult sparring class last night.  We were enjoying a fun bout of conditioning exercises in which our partners would low-block/high block against another.. ..

Admit it!  I live on the Wild Side!  🙂  Whoo hoo!  Indiana Jones, eat your heart out!

The goal, you see, is to use your forearm so you cushion your strike with your arm muscles instead of your bone…and as you can see, it’s one I achieved admirably.  🙂    Came home from class feeling rather good, actually – at that time, no bruise had hitched a ride with me.

I awakened this morning at the utterly respectable hour of 4:30am or so and started off my day with a cup or 17 of coffee in my home office.  Now, my 14 TwitterBudgies live 5 feet away from my computer so I always need to keep the lights OFF (unless I want the Chorus of the Heavy Metal Biker Birdies awakening my family when it’s still pitch black outside.

So!  I restrained myself from illuminating my office until 6am or so, when I discovered:


I mean, hey!  Doesn’t it make sense? 

Why angst about something that’s already happened and currently is part of your living experience….instead, turn on a dime and make it work for you!

How about you?  How do YOU handle unexpected curveballs that smash up your blog?  Your site?  Your deliverables for your clients that were due yesterday but because your children used them for Dodgeball practice and then hid them in the washing machine, you have to recreate them from scratch?

Me…well…I figure that everything happens for a reason It occured, it’s in my history, I cannot erase it or change the past…but you can be darned certain I can CHOOSE to change the future!

And it’s that attitude that makes all the difference.  Can’t wait to see what the other karate moms will say tonight at class!  🙂



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ps – speaking about Happy Faces:

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