🌠 What’s Sacred To You in eMail Marketing?

Every now and then, people latch onto ideas with mental steel traps and then get totally offended if your opinion dares to be different.

You know what I mean, right? If you’re in anything even remotely associated with, say, dogs, the topic of e-collars is guaranteed to fracture the discussion.

Sporting? Disagreeing with the other team’s referee’s call, I’d imagine, would result in a flurry of complaints.

Well, did you know… folks who take their holidays to heart *very seriously* might choose to get offended if you send a promo email (for example, Memorial Day is a day to honor the fallen, and yet how many Big Businesses use it as an excuse *only* for a sale?

To me *personally*, that’s a state of massive ickitis. However, if I choose to view the holiday differently from someone else, I sure as heck can’t get mad that someone else views it as a sales opportunity.

In a perfect world, their sales manglement team would have explained why it’s important to first honor the fallen (and then corporate would swoop down after 4.9 nanoseconds to say, now that that’s out of the way…. (in other words, never get mad at the retail clerks who HAVE to follow what their bosses say – speak with your pocketbook *first* and just don’t shop there. Don’t shoot the messenger)) Sad .

But to return to the point of this content, when you email every day (you DO email every day, right? Smile ), is there some days/holidays/events that are sacred to you…. so you won’t send out a sales email to your list?

If so, you can *still* show support/touch base by sending an email *about* the holiday, providing links where they can learn more, and wishing them the best.

After all, it’s *your* list…

Your business….

So run it the way *you* choose.


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