15 Reasons To Just Freakin’ Do It…Stop The Complaining and Take Command! Make the Pitch Your Friend

Angry BloggerMorning!

Wow, to read the frenzy that’s been frothing online lately about the "correct" way for PR folks to pitch bloggers – I’d bet a "let’s be bestest buds for ever and ever!" conference between Steve Jobs and Mike Lazaridis would generate less hostilities!

I’ve had the pleasure of reading some extremely insightful articles like:


I urge you to check out the articles about – they’re very eye-opening indeed.

Now, I can truly understand why the original brou-haha happened – a site as hugely popular as LifeHacker must get thousands of emails/pitches/etc.

But what I CANNOT understand (I really can’t) is that if pitches are being received where they shouldn’t….why not simply have a Big Huge Link at the top of your site entitled

How to PitchHow To Pitch Me

Certainly, the above will NOT solve all problems, but my gosh peoples, spelling it out in ways even a comatose amoeba could understand should definitely help the situation, wouldn’t you agree?

My ‘How to Pitch Me" is very simple and is located smack-dab at the top of my site on every page.  It contains two sections:

  • What TO DO to Successfully Pitch Me
  • What NOT TO DO to Successfully Pitch Me

and it directs people to my Contact Me form (I use the WordPress-Ready Contact Form v.2.0WP plugin).  I made certain to add relevant options for readers, such as:

  • To ask you a question
  • To ask you to guest blog
  • To ask you to review my post
  • To pitch you with my wonderful idea
  • To ask where I can fax you fresh coffee
  • Report a site problem
  • Other (explain below)

Thus, I’d like to suggest that if you’re pissed off by the way people contact you – spell out how you’d like to be approached on your site. 


Everyone failed mind-reading 101, and not everyone is a master of Netiquette

Communications can work wonders…when proactively provided.



#BEGIN highlights of this blog writing post:

Beginners blogging tips: Always give the benefit of the doubt the first time.

Intermediate and/or Advanced blogging tips:  One of your most valuable assets is your personal time – make sure it’s used wisely.

#END highlights of this blog writing post

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