7 Sweet Ways to Encourage Huge Sales With Bonuses Via Affiliate eMail Marketing

Do you promote products to your eMail Marketing list?

If so, you’ll love today’s post!

First off, the following goodies just got released:

The first product makes creating bonus pages a snap (with count-downs, timers, list-building and ‘WAY more)….

The second product gives you 140 topnotch stellar products you can use in any way for your list building/sales and more!!

Thing is, though….how on earth do you pick and choose the BEST bonuses to add?

So glad you asked!   Here be my take…enjoy!

Step 1.)  If You Are Pressed For Time….

Did you know: straight PLR works grand (especially if you’re not in competition with the heavy-hitters who fling together $100s of their own branded products).

Simply upload the PLR as a bonus via WarriorPlus or JVzoo, or tell your peeps you’ll email them the bonus after they send you their receipt (In addition….you can use WP BonusPress  to deliver it). I myself use my own domain name; others use Amazon S3 services.

Need tips about that?  Check out


Step 2.)  If You Are NOT Pressed For Time….

You can:

  • Offer one of your previous products that relates to the promoted product
  • Create a 1-page cheatsheet that shows a 1 problem/1 solution application of the product
  • Offer entrance into a private FB group that you lead to give guidance about the product niche
  • Offer entrance into a private Skype group that you lead to give guidance about the product niche
  • Make a screencast from Screen Cast O Matic!  It’s free, it’s simple, and you can easily create a how-to just by walking your buyers thru your own experiences online.  VERY simple…this.
  • Pull together a 7 day eclass that gives free tips on profitable ways to use the product

Isn’t that cool?

Adding bonuses is a time-proven way to increase your Affiliate marketing conversions with your eMail list.


makes it even easier.  Nice!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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