7 CRITICAL Must-do Steps in Preparing for Liz’ Blog Showcase

Blog Showcase ChecklistMorning!

Unless you’ve been residing inside your refrigerator to escape the heat and thus have lacked communication with the known blogosphere, you’re probably aware that Liz Strauss will running a Blog Showcase this weekend.  This generous event will enable you to introduce your blog to her entire community.

I highly recommend you participate!

….With a suggestion, that is…..

Before you list, ask yourself.

What kind of first impression do I want to offer Liz’ visitors?

I thought about this long and hard….and gave my blog an overhaul that’s still in progress as we speak (type?  Communicate?  You know what I mean.  🙂  ).  And because sharing is what I do best, I pulled together everything I implemented into the following handly list for you.  Enjoy!

NOTE!Step 1.)  Write a "welcome to my blog" post!


What about your blog would appeal specifically to Liz’s visitors?  I thought about it for me…and decided that focusing upon the human-interaction elements would be the most useful for this particluar post.  Besides making money, I’m also about effective communications and personal development…something that is a timeless topic indeed!

What aspects of your blog would appeal most?  Really think about it…and include it to your Welcome post.


NOTE!Step 2.)  Ask yourself…what are your best articles from which your visitors will benefit? 

Best articles

This is a great opportunity to showcase the posts that really contain super benefits for your visitors.  Here’s what I chose:

among others.  I made certain to include direct links to them in my welcome post.

What do YOU want Liz’ visitors to see and read? 


NOTE!Step 3.)  Make it easy for visitors to find your RSS/newsletter signup forms.

RSS FeedIdeally by this point, your visitors will be intrigued enough to consider signing up for your feed…if so, don’t make them hunt around for it, provide the direct link on your Welcome page.

I also chose to include information about my newsletter as well.  But don’t stop there!  You can also include links to your favorite causes, products you sell, whatever is important to YOU.


NOTE!Step 4.)  Check your blog loading time.

Block timeDid you know the more coolio plugins you add….the more time it takes for your blog to load?  Alex over at HowToSpoter wrote a great post about this at Keep Your Blog in Tip Top Shape – it includes the excellent resource

Gomez Instant Test Site

By all means – check out your blog loading times – it will probably shock the heck out of you. 

Resources to help you optimize your blog loading time include:


NOTE!Step 5.)  Revisit your blog theme

Check themeA day before Liz announced her Blog Showcase, I decided to revamp my blog theme…and in the process, realized that my last theme managed to totally obliterate one of my unique values (the fact I’ve been a successful online entrepreneur now for 10+ years).  For the Internet, I’m a seasoned pro….and idjut me managed to lose sight of that completely.

I’ve since added it back to my blog graphics.  Thus, take a good look at your blog theme – does it immediately convey the "What’s in it for me?" aspect for blog readers to join your community?

which brings me to:

NOTE!Step 6.)  Hone your 1 sentence USP

1 sentence USPMarketing-wise, that means, in one sentence… can your visitors determine WHY they should care about your blog?  It’s your Unique Selling Proposition.

I boiled mine down to a humorous classic warning:

WARNING!  You’re about to gain THE edge ONLY a veteran entrepreneur of 10+ years can offer.  Ready for the adventure? 

You can see that in my blog header above.

What’s YOUR 1 sentence USP?  Is it obvious for just looking?

Here are some more examples:

  • Abundance Highway – "Journey to Freedom"
  • Alex Sysoef – "Slamming WordPress Into Higher Profits Via Social Marketing!"
  • Caroline Middlebrook – "Blogging out loud as I delve into the world of Internet Marketing, Social Media and Software Development"
  • Cath Lawson – "Bold advice for business success"
  • Joel Falconer – "IOn the new renaissance of art, entertainment and media"
  • Hunter Nuttall – "Stop sucking and live a life of abundance"
  • Liz Strauss – "You’re only a stranger once."
  • Men With Pens – "Web business tips for writers, freelancers and online entrepreneurs"
  • Nicky510 – "Hilarious humor to start your day"
  • Xtreme Recruiting – "Video interviews about the collision of recruitment and technology"

If I’ve missed anyone who has a great tagline, please feel free to add it below in the comments!

And finally…

NOTE!Step 7.)  ASK for a call to action

Why not?Since ideally you want your visitors to subscribe to your feed or join your newsletter, make certain your welcome message invites people to do so!

You can also list your social networking connections as well (I mention follow me on Twitter and Stumbleupon) and ask to join their networks too.

I hope the above resources have been helpful!  Did I miss anything?  If so, please share below – I love reading what you have to say.



ps – here are some other resources that mention Liz’ event:


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