Tell Yourself Today – Boldly REUSE and Repackage!

Sometimes…we write really tremendous, incredibly insightful, magnificently thought-provoking, wondrously glorious, insanely stellar, astonishingly spectacular, strikingly breathtaking (you get the idea right)….

  • Posts.
  • Or ebooks.
  • Or software.
  • Or WordPress plugins.
  • Or entire complete sites that end up being totally ignored.

Sucks, doesn't it?

Or….*does* it?


Just because one version of your work ended up being less effective than a fly-swatter for repelling Godzilla…it doesn't mean the next iteration will suffer the same fate!

Case in point.

4 weeks ago, I built several wisdom/motivational sites for reasons that ended up being worthless.

And the amount of time I spent in making them tremendously useful!  We're talking simple, elegant, to the point, etc.etc.etc.  I figured out how to do bunches of things during this endeavor.

Well, they turned out to be officially useless.

But!  The entire layout of those sites – it will lend itself beautifully to an Inner Hero Marketing idea that came to me earlier this wee.

In other words, my original effort truly did have a fantastic benefit….for *me*.

Thus today, tell yourself that you'll take a look at some of your best work that for whatever reason, flew worse than a lead balloon over the pits of  hell.

Then see how you can take that goodness, repackage it, and hit the ground running with it.

Your bank balance will thank you for it.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

ps – speaking about repackaging, have you seen:

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