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(Good morning everyone!   It’s 5:09 PM and I’m alive and kicking….a very good thing indeed!)

Hey there, glad you could swing on by for Day 19!  And how was your day yesterday?  Mine was quite good indeed – I proactively gave myself permission to succeed AND permission to miss adult sparring when I was seized by an insane desire to reteach myself material I had forgotten several months ago (scary material, I might add – I’m no PHP person). 

Wow, that was really really really difficult to face….but I did it!  I’ll be using that experience to teach my kids in Camp Ling this summer.

This morning, I commented at Five excellent bloggers that I missed, Adult Conversation is Way Cheaper Than Therapy, and New Category – FREE Marketing Membership Sites, and now….now it’s time for!

Today is Day 19 of my series, 21 Days To A More Profitable Blog! 

And for today, I’d like to discuss:

Shopping with a list vs. Shopping with your eyes closed

Great mental image, eh?  :)   One lets you zero in on exactly what you need…while the other is kinda sorta one size fits all.

If you’ve been online blogging now for, hmmm, lessee….. at least 76 seconds, you’ve probably heard that commenting at OPBs (other people’s blogs) is a great way bring in traffic.  The theory is, the blog owner will follow your link back to your site and then comment as well.

Lots of people have written about the art of commenting – you can check out:

Do read the above articles – they’re very good.

This is an excellent, proven method of generating traffic…but even more importantly, it can be a superb technique for building Deep Links back to your blog.

Now, Deep Links are links that go to specific pages at your blog instead of your blog’s home page.  IE, a Deep Link back to MY site would be:

compared to:

The first link goes to the direct article, 3 Easy Ways to Appear ‘Way Smarter Than Your Peers

Now…think for a second.  Search engines give better relevancy to links that contain keywords.  So!  The first link has the keywords

  • easy, smarter,peers

If my link instead was

The keywords that would be highlighted include:

  • gourmet,blogger,breakfast,salmon,mozzarella


Now.  Let’s say that you have written a niche blog post about, oh, Father’s Day.  Most likely, you’ve included the keywords

  • fathers,day

in the title, right?  Well….wouldn’t it be just plain spiffy if you could get DIRECT deep links back to your page on tons of other blogs as well?

‘Course it would!  And here’s how.

NOTE!Before You Begin – Write a blog post.

It’s kinda sorta difficult to get links back to a post that’s non-existent.  🙂  Make certain your headline contains the keywords on which you are focusing.


NOTE!Step 1 – Go to Google and search for blog posts that use CommentLuv and deal with the same topic.

It’s a very simple search indeed – just look for:

  • enable commentluv TOPIC


You could get really modern and high-tech by tacking on:

Now, the next step is very important.  Don’t just click on the links returned from Google – instead, copy/paste them to another browser.  That way, the fact you’ve found their blog via CommentLuv isn’t screamed out in the referrer logs.


NOTE!Step 2 – Read the post – is it relevant?

If the post is relevant to your topic, well then, post a response…CommentLuv should return a direct deep link back to your original blog post that has the keyworded title within it.

Do NOT underestimate how important this is!! 

I regularly do the above whenever I write blog posts that focus on specific topics.  It’s really helped generate targeted niche traffic (and my SERPs) very very welll.

And finally,

NOTE!Step 3 – Rinse and repeat

Return back to Google and go to the next commentLuv-enabled blog and do the same thing.  And again and again and again and …

you get the idea.

End result?  Targeted deep links that are pointed within your blog are established on other, valid, excellent blogging sites.

Nice, eh?

NOTE!In closing

In today’s lesson, you learned how to build deep relevant links back to your blog.

And of course (you really didn’t think I’d close a post without this now, did you?)  an opportunity now arises! 

You’ve done everything I’ve written for the past 19 days….let’s now focus upon that about which you write.  What can you write that brings people back, day after day?

HOMEWORKTell me now….in what are you an expert?

Hmmmm?  :)

Thus, until tomorrow!  (and don’t forget, if you think any of your friends would benefit from these tutorials, please do share them!  They’ll thank you for it…guaranteed).


Barbara Ling

#BEGIN highlights of this blog writing post:

Beginners blogging tips:  Use good keywords in your posts.

Intermediate and/or Advanced blogging tips:  Use commentluv-enabled blogs to generate deep links back.

#END highlights of this blog writing post

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ps – speaking about SEO:


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