The EASIEST Sure-Fire Way To Empower Yourself To Infinity and Beyond


Sit very quiet and answer me the following very important question.


Alrighty, it's…this.

"Are you a big fat jerk?"


Oh wait…I didn't give you my current criteria for jerkiness!

Let me share with you that….

What I mean is:

"Do you go out of your way for people who just don't give a damn about you?"


I've been thinking bunches about this lately.  See, I'm rather WYSIWYG…. the kind of person who will go that extra mile for the friends/colleagues/etc. whom I value.  My style is to simply either be there for people or proactively do things for people….mainly because I view it to be the right thing.


But what happens when you choose to be there for folks and are simply taken for granted?

What then?

You know what I mean, right?  You develop a reputation for always being the one who helps out no matter what…and people dump stuff on you without considering/appreciating the effort you put out.

I used to have issues about that meself.  I'd see what:

  • Needed to be done
  • Could be done
  • Should be done

and, well,  go off to do just freakin' *do* them.

Then I'd let the person know.

So far, so good….

But because I would expect acknowledgment/appreciation for my actions, I'd allow myself to become upset when that never arrived.

Not wise at all.

However, some time ago, I came up with the solution that fixed *my* heartfelt issue.

  • And not, it wasn't, don't do things for folks.

Instead, I forced myself…to take ownership of my actions.

Meaning, of course, instead of expecting thanks, I gave myself permission to do things because they were the *right* thing to do….what others thought became immaterial.

Not only that…I started to live the phrase:

"Any good that I may do, let me do it now…for I may not pass this way again.  If I see something that needs to be done, dammit, I'm going to do it….because if I don't, who will?"

You have no idea how empowering this can be!

  • I've proactively taken a stand with friends when I think what they've done is just not right.
  • I've bought domain names for people who didn't know how to make their own because their skills simply deserve it.
  • I've created whole sites to reach out to the friends of friends….because I *choose* value those people said friends love.

And in every case…I've protected *myself* by *not* expecting anything in return.

It works beautifully.

True, I can get to the point where I say,

"Okay, I've done enough, I've honored my spirit by doing what I think is right.   It's time to now *stop*." 

And there's nothing wrong with that.  If I see my efforts are continuously unappreciated, I'll buy a clue, say to myself,

"Darn it, Barbara, I *am* wondrous…if XYZ can't see that, it's their loss."

and move on.

Again…it's *my* choice.  I choose my actions…nobody else.

That way, I have only myself to answer to.

Let's now move this post to the most important person imaginable…you!

Do *you* give of yourself and get really pissed off by others' reactions?

If so, no, you don't have to change your actions…but you *do* have to change your mindset.

Do the right thing because *you* want to….not because you want someone to appreciate you.

It will help you make your 2012 magnificent indeed.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

ps – speaking about empowerment, have you seen:

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