10 Unusually Simple Steps That Make Running Targeted Business Facebook Mobile Ads Child’s Play

Have you heard about Facebook Mobile Ad potential?

Facebook just revealed yesterday that 41% of their revenue was generated from mobile advertising.

And did you realize you set your Facebook ads to display ONLY on mobile devices?

It’s easy!  Here’s how.

Step 1.) Download the Facebook Power Editor.

It’s a free Chrome Extension at chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/facebook-power-editor/djicncbfodbeijpfpjjojkfhgbpjnlih .

Step 2.) Create A New Campaign. Click “Create Campaign”.

Name it, set the start and end dates and your daily budget.

You’ll be able to update the budget later on.

Step 3.) Now, create your first ad for your campaign.

Click on “Create Ad” at the upper left hand side. Name your ad.

Step 4.) Specify what type of Ad you would like from the dropdown.

Choices include”Ad”, “Sponsored Story”, “Mobile Only Ad”, “Video Ad”. Choose “Mobile Only Ad”.

Step 5.) Fine-tune your Ad type.

You can choose “Sponsored Story” that sends viewers to your Page, Facebook App or your Event. Some ideas of destinations include popular page posts, your Facebook app that encourages lead generation, your upcoming event and the like.

Step 6.) Next, select the Destination.

Depending upon the ad type, you will be presented with a dropdown menu that will include all possible destinations (all of the pages you own, all of the Facebook apps your account contains, all of your events, etc.)

Step 7.) Choose which types of Mobile devices you want your ad to appear on.

You can select “All mobile devices”, “Feature phones only”, “Android devices only” or “iOS devices only.” Further targeting is available including “iPhone”, “iPod”, “iPad”, “Smartphones”, or “Tablets” If your ad is not phone-specific, choose “All mobile devices.”

Step 8.) Choose whether to show your ad on mobile devices only when connected using Wi-Fi.

Step 9.) Select “Audience” right below “Creative & Placements”.

Choose who you would like see your ad. You can start typing interests within “Precise Interests” and Facebook will return suggestions. For example, typing “mayor” will reveal “Suggested Likes and Interests” including #Michael Bloomberg, #Rudy Guiliani, etc. Other targeting options include Categories, Connections and Friends of connections.

Step 10.) Click on “Pricing and Status” to select how you want to pay for your ad.

Choices are Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) or Optimized CPM. CPC involves users actually clicking on the ad, CPM involves users simply seeing the ad.

When you’re done, you’ll see your ad shows up as “Pending”. Once it is approved, you’ll see “Active” and your ad is on its way.

Other resources to learn more about this include:

Facebook Mobile Ads are a very effective way to drive targeted traffic. With customized audiences, it’s even easier to drive clicks down to a few pennies or even one.

Facebook’s mobile audience will only grow; mastering this method of promotion is a key skill critical for today’s business. The above 10 steps show how easy it is to begin.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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