Frankenstorm Disaster Planning!

Hey there,

It’s Friday and ideally some year…power will be returned to me!

As you might remember, I was in the path of Hurricane Sandy….and yep, did the Jersey shore ever get it BIGTIME!

You can see uploaded videos at:

Hurricane Sandy Uploaded Videos!

Insane, right?

Which brings me to the point of this post.

You might have noticed that even though I lost electricity….. my site continued to update, my FB Fan page continued to post, and my email marketing continued with nary a stop!

I’m currently writing the product

Easy Frankenstorm Profits

That will internally launch tomorrow morning that shows exactly how I managed to pull it all off!

But for the point of this post….

Lookie here!

Internet Outage Crash Your Website? The Marketer’s Response Plan

This is a GRAND recap of what you can do if by chance…your server crashes and you’re  up the proverbial paddle without a creek.

To wit:

…When an outage of this magnitude happens, all types of businesses (and marketers) are affected. Ecommerce sites can’t make sales; lead generation sites stop getting leads; and ad driven sites stop getting visitors. As a marketer, you can cry about all the revenue you’re missing out on … or you can do something about it.

While you can’t really call up Amazon and give ’em an earful (it wouldn’t be productive if you could), you can try to prepare for the next time one of these outages happens. With a little more preparation, you might suffer just a little bit less pain and agony. Here are some things you can do to prepare for when the internet just … gives out on ya. Or if you prefer a different format, check out this short video of Mike Volpe (and me!) chatting about the subject…MORE…

I love point number 1 – Have A Killer Downpage!

The article is definitely worth checking out.

Remember – some disasters happen without warning (amazon going down) while others, you get a few days of planning (like the 28 emails I created for this week, my blog posts and more!).

It’s up to YOU to make it happen, however……so….


Your bottom line will thank you for it.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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