Did YOUR Google Plus Profile Get Ickyfied Last Week? Here’s How To Fix!


Call me slow (okay, call me focused on other stuff) but yesterday morning I checked out my Google profile and imagine my surprise when I noticed it all smooshilated!

The profile picture is now on the left, the Cover image dimensions are fluid and change, and well….

‘Twas massively blorgytoes to me!!


Before, my GooglePlus Cover was:

And if you click on it, you’ll see it full-size – my profile picture was added to the lovely blank right side and it was wondrous!

*WAS*.  Operative word there.  🙂

So yesterday, I changed it to:


You can see it over at

Ain’t that all purty-like?

It could still be better, but hey.  It works in a pinch.

And here are the resources I used to help myself fix it up!

That last link has a free PSD file for mocking up your new page – woot!

Hope the above is helpful!  It sure did catch me by surprise but took less than half an hour to fix.  Tme well spent indeed

Barbara Ling

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