How to Seize Powerful Attention No Mere Money Can Buy

Good morning!

It’s now the first Monday in the first week of the 3rd month and woohoo!

How will March treat you?

Me, well!  I’m totally out of my cast, out of the boot, not using the walker….and in the middle of preparing 3 product launches.  Woohoo!

But today, I want to talk to you about a very cool yet very dangerous way to seize attention online.

It’s dangerous because it can truly backfire as well.

But it’s simple.

Wanna know what it is?

It’s called – being vulnerable yet inspirational.

We all do that at times right?

I mean, there are situations that whomp us like a 16 ton golden muffin of mayham (ACME baked of course) and thoroughly flatten us more so than 23 ant kneecaps.

Consider for example….me, back when I earned my black belt 3 years ago.

And then me, when I was in massive health mode:

As you can tell, there’s been times that I’ve been extremely well-toned indeed.

And then of course…..enter the Ankle Fusion From Heck back in October.

For the past 5 months, I’ve been on a walked, packed on the pounds, and all around been, well, a reclining chair potato.

But on Thursday I decided…no more!

And made:

As you can tell, I opened myself up to A LOT of potential  ridicule there!

But…I made sure to address that after 4:24 in the video.

And the feedback I got?

WOW!  To wit:

“Guess what??? I rowed 10,000 Meters this morning because of YOU! I know you were in pain when you did that dance… and you Still did it… I was REALLLY slow but I did it!!

YOU inspire so many people I think your reach is immeasurable!”

Isn’t that glorious?

And humbling?

What’s a few minutes of looking beyond silly….compared to knowing you helped others not give up and achieve their goals ?

So there you go!

The best way to seize attention (yet at a possible cost)…

  • …is to showcase yourself *trying* where others would be embarrassed to see the light of day.



Nobody can make you feel embarrassed unless you give them rent-free space in your head.

Which I choose NOT to do.

How ’bout you?

It’s something to think on.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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