Useful Low Carb Dieting Affiliate Marketing Resources

Are you into affiliate marketing within the diet industry?

If so, have you specialized it even more?

You can focus on:

  • Low carb
  • Low fat
  • Fad diets
  • etc.etc.etc.

But did you know there are specific affiliate marketing resources for each niche?

Here's nifty affiliate marketing ideas for low-carb dieting.

1.)  Clickbank Affiliate Programs – low carb

Clickbank has a lot of low-carb affiliate products – simply click HERE to see them all!

They include:

2.)  Amazon for low-carb

Simply searching for "low carb" on Amazon reveals a huge number of products!

You can include these in stores, carousels and more.

3.)  Google!

Search for

low carb affiliate program

You'll be returned links to specific low-carb dieting programs such as membership sites, cookbooks, recipes and more.

Now, the above is targeted specifically for 'low carb' as in the diet idea.

However, savvy diet affiliate marketers also know they can branch out into things like:

  • Exercise equipment
  • Exercise clothing
  • Diet supplements

as well!

Never feel like you have to focus *solely* upon the heart of a niche; you can always chunk up to gain more ideas that should put money in your bottom line.

Where else can you get great ideas for low-carb affiliate marketing?

Participate at low-carb forums of course!

Some of these include:

And don't forget the Facebook connection too!

Remember though, wise affiliate marketers know the first visit will not necessarily result in the sale!

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Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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