Critical Remedy Knowledge for HEALING Poison Ivy Rashes


Today, my daughter got poison ivy on her face.  Needless to say, it was time to find an expert remedy!

Luckily, I'm an old-hand at poison ivy fixing; I had a delightful bout of it years ago that was seared into my teeny tiny brain with the force of an out-of-control Mack truck.  Truly! 

The good news about such things – the solutions tend to engrave themselves in your mind so deeply that 948 years from now, were you to regain life once again the first thing you'd explain to your wide-eyed visitors was how to cure poison ivy.

So let's go!

Step 1 – Get Zanfel for Poison Ivy Healing

Zanfel, although as expensive as a Rolls Royce, is a godsend wrt poison ivy.  It really is!  It helps break down the bonds of the urushiol compound (the thing in poison ivy that irritates the skin)

Thing is, it has to be applied asap!

Still, though, if you can get to it that quickly, it will REALLY help fix the poison ivy.  Trust me on this.

You can also get goodies like so:

Step 2 – Vinegar and Coconut Oil for Poison Ivy Rashes

If it's too late to apply the Zanfel, well, do it anyways (I got to my daughter approximately several hours after the encounter, and it did seem to help), progress to step 2 – vinegar followed by coconut oil.

I read about this on Earth Clinic's site.    The vinegar tends to dry up the ickness and, well, I consider coconut oil to be a cureall. 

The vinegar does sting quite a lot when I applied it to my daughter, but the oil then soothed it considerably.

Step 3 – Research for other Poison Ivy Cures!

The above doesn't appeal to you?  Well then, check out:

Step 4 – Watch Video Thingees About Poison Ivy!

Poison ivy is truly an icky thing to encounter – make sure you know what to do should it happen to someone you love this summer.


Barbara Ling

PS – and don't forget about:

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