57 Solutions for Problems with The Secret, and James Edwards’ Take…

TheSecretHave you heard of The Secret?  No?

Shhhhh, be very quiet and I’ll tell you what it is:


Ooops, wait, wrong secret, that’s the secret that powers Twitter.  Let me start again.

The Secret!  Yes, the Secret to Making Lots of Huge Bleeping Amounts of Mooola by Telling People How To Achieve Riches and Wealth and NeverEnding Coffee and …. you get the idea, right?  Focusing on The Law of Attraction….

  • not to be confused with the Law of Subtraction (popular in college classes, alas) or
  • the Law of A Faction (very common in politics) or
  • the Law of Extraction (you really hope your dentist mastered this one) or
  • the Law of Impaction (one of my favorite ones, that – it deals with the end results of a kick making contact with your chest protector in karate sparring) or
  • the Law of Over-reaction (often found in drama queens) or
  • the Law of Satisfaction (always achievable via a full coffee cup)


Well, one enterprising talk radio host, James Edwards, took analyzed the Law of Attraction rather uniquely, to wit!

Cat Killer…But if you’re having trouble manifesting riches with the Law of Attraction, there’s no need to pay any more of your hard earned hard attracted money to find out the real secret. ….And Santerians know the real secret to manifesting riches, the one The Secret left out because it was too hot to handle.

    In what authorities say was part of a Santeria ritual, a woman and her son have been charged with dumping bags on a beach that contained decapitated chickens, ducks, Guinea hens and pigeons, as well as trash.

    …were each charged Monday with 10 counts of animal cruelty, said Victor “Buddy” Amato, chief of police for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals….MORE….

You have to admit, that’s a pretty interesting deduction.   🙂

Have YOU heard about the Laws of Attraction?  There’s a plethora of folks expounding upon it – check out the following top 57 resources I’ve uncovered for you. 


Barbara Ling

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