Smartly Title! Your Video SEO Part 1 – Today’s Make Money Online Tip

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Today’s Make Money Online Tip

Do you do video?

If so, do you SEO your video?

I know, I know…SEO VIDEO?

But it’s possible, it’s doable…and it’s something you want to explore.  Here’s why.

SEO is no longer about just simple page creation techniques (all together now, DUH!  🙂  )

And while video by itself is, well, video, there are lots of other things you can do to enhance the probability your video pops up in Google searches, in video searches and more.

This is Part 1 of my SEO Your Video Tutorial, running this week.

Point 1 – Your video is useless if nobody watches on it.

So….make certain you use a catchy headline/title for it!

It’s just like blogging.   Which do YOU think would be viewed more?

  • How to make Rice Crispy Treats
  • Make Your Children Swoon – Delicious Rice Crispy Treats in Less Than 10 Minutes!


  • How to write a blog post
  • Crush Your Competition – How To Craft a Sweet Blog Post That Delivers

Couple of things to remember!

One, make sure to incorporate at least SOME keywords in your catchy title.  That’s just common sense.

Need some help with action words?  Check out:

The above resources can be used in blog post titles too (witness the title of mine.  🙂  )


Barbara Ling


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