Pull It All Together and Swiftly Build Your Sales Pages – Day 6 of 25


Okay yet again, it's evening. 

And it was truly a wondrous day for me!  I really hope it treated you well too – I did get several more chapters done (all together now, yay!), had lunch a with a great friend and just realized that Jeepers!  It's after 6pm!  And as that normally means, it's close to midnight to me, it's time to release YAIEC!  (yet another incredibly exciting chapter, for those who shun acronyms).  🙂

So let's go!


December 6 – Decide What You're Going To Sell, Make The Sales Page

NOTE!Before you begin

Twitter Tip: Send the following to your network.

What #niche gift do you want to get for the holidays? Looking for ideas….


You have your main holiday promotion.

You have your upsell promotions!

It's time to make those two nifty neato sales pages siiiing!

Now, let's think about this for a sec. You have several options right now!

Depending upon what you're selling, you can simply focus your current sale page on the holiday sale.

Or…you can craft a single special unique Holiday page that has all of your discounts!

Personally, I'd recommend the second for the following reasons.

1.) Every time you create a new page in a search engine, you get one more opportunity for your site to show up in Google.

2.) Since this is a holiday sale, you want to take advantage of unique search engine optimization for your niche AND the holidays. Ie, you want your site to show up for things like:

  • craft christmas gifts

  • baseball holiday gifts

  • handcrafted holiday gifts

or maybe

  • cheap candy gifts

  • barbie discounts for the holidays

Is your site also listed in Google Places? If not, why not? It can help your local search engine visibility too!


is where you go to add your business online.

NOTE!Why it's important

It's important to make specific holiday sales pages because you want to make it as EASY AS POSSIBLE for your visitors/future customers to find where your holiday discounts are!

Plus (and this is only my nerdly “it's good for you” speech), the more comfortable you get adding pages and writing sales copy and etc., the easier it will be for you to really soup up your online business without having to depend upon another webmaster.

Ready then? Alrighty, let's dive into:

NOTE!How to do it

How to write a stellar sales page that causes your visitors to fling their wallets at their computer screen like maddened monkeys on a caffeine high….

It's kinda sorta beyond the scope of this book. 🙂

But in the meanwhile, here are some great resources that can help you out.

How to write sales copy:

How to design a sales page:

Call to action graphics:

Like I had earlier mentioned before, I tend to go with the Silver and Gold versions of my products.

Often, I'll highlight the GOLD version much more than the SILVER to grab visitor attention – you can see that in action over at


The GOLD copy is at


and you'll notice….both pages are exactly the same, the only thing (behind the scenes that differs) is that the order buttons point to proper version.

Another example is:





Hopefully all of the above pages will spark your own imagination!

NOTE!Closing thoughts

So here are are – by the close of day 6, you have your special holiday products/sales highlighted on your site!

The joy you must be experiencing – 'tis wondrous indeed!

But thinking that simply because you built it…they will come….

Ummmmm, no.

The easy stuff has been completed, yes indeed.

But now you have to get the targeted niche customers who would love to hear about it….to hear about it!

And that's what we'll focus on next.


Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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