🌠 Day 5, Offering Your Services: Independence Day Profiting?

Ever wake up one morning and think to yourself:

“Jeepers self, if only I could find other ways to profit from Independence Day via my niche site and blog!”

Think about this just for one moment.

Sure, you might have a niche site that (normally!) does NOT deal with Independence Day…

But let’s go beyond that now.

Your site might deal with general Kindle writing, or how to train Pet Rocks, or how to win at Poker, or…

These sites ideally have the following one thing in common:

They have *fans* of that particular niche!

And you can segue to offering your own quick Independence Day services to said fans (makes a great gift for those people who are SO hard to buy for!).

I mean, just look at this Fiverr search:


And an easy way to create a niche Independence Day goodie is simply to search for royalty-free images on, say, Pixabay:


And then use free online editing software:


And then create/offer your images/photos/etc via Fiverr!

You can learn all about Fiverr over at:


Need additional help? This should be of use:


But back to what I was saying…

You can easily (once you give yourself permission!) dash up Independence Day goodness that is slanted towards your niche.

Look at these free image searches:





You can take just about any niche-related image, add some Independence Day goodness to it via the free photo editors, and boom.

Instant niche-related Independence Day products you can sell on your website!

And if you just want to cut to the chase and use direct Paypal for that, consider:




Good stuff!


The idea of selling niche Independence Day goodies was saved for last because it generally has one downside, not only for Independence Day but also for any other particular holiday as well.

As long as you’re providing a service which requires your direct involvement, you’ll be trading your time for money.

This is NOT good, as we only have so much time in our lives!

Such a thing places an invisible ceiling on your earnings, unless you have special royalty/commission arrangements in place with those who hire you.

Common examples of services are content writing, copywriting, graphic design, video creation and so on. These are time-consuming tasks. You could make top dollar, but ultimately, it’s still a job and not passive.

But it’s *your* call and nobody elses!

What else could you do regarding Independence Day?

You could also provide niche-related software as a service and still make a hefty chunk of change without much involvement. After all regarding niches – chances are, nobody everyone in your niche is offering a Independence Day bundle or gift pack!


Alternatively, you could be a middleman and use service arbitrage to sell services that others deliver. You’ll charge a higher rate and hire a cheaper freelancer to do the job for you. Here, this search should help:


You’ll then deliver that job to the person who hired you and you’ll pocket the difference. Of course, you’ll need to ensure that the freelancer did a good job before delivering the work, so that your reputation is intact.

Arbitrage is perfectly legal and people do it all the time.

In conclusion, the 5 methods mentioned today and earlier are really ALL you need to make six or even seven figures with your blog/s. You can apply 2 or 3 of the methods above and skyrocket your income in a couple of months….

IF you put in the time and effort and work hard.

Your takeaway?

Start your Independence Day profiting *now*… and remember to… SELL SELL SELL.


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