☕: 😎📧, 001: Your Thur Perkup: Clones, eMail, Angst and more!

☕Angst, Reddit, AI and the Captain’s Log: 001: Your Thur Perkup!

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Let’s begin with
Wait a Sec!

The Fascinating Fact:   Did you know that dolphins sleep with one eye open and 1/2 their brain active?  This ability is called “unihemispheric sleep, or unihemispheric slow-wave sleep (USWS)”

The Business FUBAR:   Did you know that the Perplexity AI (which is also a search engine) can *also* snaft up original writings with little attribution to the original source?  Forbes is most unhappy about that!


Table of Contents:

☕ Section 1.)  Behind The Scenes News

🔥 Section 2.)  The Current Special

👍 Section 3.)  The AI Twist

🌎 Section 4.)  The Unexpected

🍀 Section 5.)  The Latest Flair


☕ Behind the Scenes News!

Let us begin with:

It’s Thursday and my apologies!  I know I disappeared years ago and suddenly I am back… it’s been a loooooong long road but y’know… methinks I am finally healing.  And that means, of course, powering up the Daily Perkups Newsletter to bring a smile to your face every day!

So what soul-searing agonizing event caused this, you might be wondering?  Well, for lack of a better explanation, existence decided to round-kick me in the teeth yet again within the past week with the abruptness of the Enterprise suddenly breaking their static warp bubble with the cheery force of “Hello face, meet brick wall!”

Talk about a humbling experience.   However, there IS most definitely a magnificent silver lining bestowed upon me that I would be honored if I could present to you.  ‘matter of fact, it’s our first:

Captain’s Log #1. You are a *GIFT*.

Period, end of discussion.  Under no way, EVER EVER! ever give the gift of *you* to any individual not worthy of your goodness!

If you do, you will find yourself becoming a Classic Giving Tree.  Ick!  Remember that book from childhood, the one about a boy who is best friends with an Apple Tree?   Remember how the Boy took took took, and the tree gave gave gave until the one thing that was left was a very lonely (but still thrilled to be useful as a resting place!) stump?  Welp, someone fixed it and renamed it The Tree Who Set Healthy Boundaries.

I urge you to read it – it will really hammer in how you should *refuse to* allow yourself to be ground down to a sad stump.  Instead, stand proud like the magnificent person you are.  Kindly… always remember that!

And onto the goodies!


🔥 The Current Special

eMailMarketing Goodness?
No Limit eMails – it’s the service I myself use!  The camaraderie that we have as we learn and share and master modern eMailMarketing techniques of turning cold into warm and apathetic into exciting… Latinum!.  Sheer latinum.


👍 The AI Twist

Clone Yourself so no more grunt work?

And you can then sing “I think I’m a clone how!” as well!  On second thought perhaps though… no.  🙂


🌎 The Unexpected! 

Betcha this is really different…

Think on those 100s of 1000s of books/media/etc are in the public domain and then using AI to create something entirely masterful.  In other words:

And then….


🍀 The Latest Flair!

The Power of AI plus Reddit for eMailMarketing?

Utterly magnificent – truly a game-changer should you want one of the easiest how-tos for writing engaging emails.


And don’t forget:

Our Public Service Message: Beware The News!

Picture this: you create a viral video about a fossilized clam, and depending on the news outlet, the story spins in wildly different directions!  Is it a space alien?  Was it planted by Purple People Eater Peace?  Is its first cousin a Pet Rock?

Well… Want to see the media’s spin tricks in right before your eyes?  Visit   allsides.com … or you can find every take simply by searching at:  

I’d like to encourage you to look into what *everyone* is saying, so you have knowledge of what’s being spread:

(aka… Media Bias)

And about business?

Our Other PSA!

* *

You might NOT be a boomer (‘course, you might be)…

But you might be experiencing:

Decrease in motivation (hello self!)
Increase in irritation due to the world’s current status
Physical/mental/emotional challenge

And that’s why you’re going to want to ensure you stay subscribed to me.

Because, unlike the VAST majority of marketers you’ll see out there…

I admit it when things go bad (as you can see above!  🙂

My health could be ‘way better, my drive could be ‘way better, heck… *I* could be way better!

But so long as there’s breath within my body… I will keep fighting.

Join me?  🙂

Remember, while reinventing, I’m going to section out my audience like so:

Folks going thru Anxiety/Depression/Growing Bolder/etc.

Stay tuned!


I’ll be moving the backend publication to another provider.

So pls let me know when you receive a duplicate.



Thank you for enjoying my newsletters – I will continue
to do my best to bring you the latest and
greatest of all these thrilling updates.

Grow strong,

Barb Ling

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