Why Affiliate Marketing Sucks for 99.7% of Marketers

Do you dabble in affiliate marketing?

If so, are you wondering just why you're making less than 3 cents every 3 weeks?

If so, I have a fantastic answer for you!

It's because you are relying upon the mythical idea that *everyone* who visits your site will:

  • Click your affiliate link
  • Buy the product in question

Alas, it just doesn't happen that way!

Affiliate marketing, like Adsense, is a *numbers* game.

And that means, you either need:

  • Huge torrents of targeted traffic


  • Be a known authority who compels people to buy when you suggest products

It makes sense, right?

After all, what do *you* do when you surf online?

  • Do you click on every link you see?
  • Do you buy everything you spy?

I didn't think so.

Here's one way to combat that.

Smart affiliate marketers entice visitors to opt into their newsletters/mailing lists.

This simple technique enables them to build their list, which then lets them establish a reputation to their readers.

And if they market wisely, they can dramatically increase their sales by their own personal reviews/recommendations.

But that's the keyword there…*wisely*.

So let me now ask you to do one simple thing.

Take a good long hard look at your site.

Are you intriguing your readers?

Are you making them want to come back for more?

Are you building your list?

If the answer to *any* of those questions is *no*, I want you to ask yourself next:

"How can I make my site more appealing for my visitors to they'll tell their friends to visit as well?"

The answer…it might surprise you indeed!

Need some resources for adding a newsletter to your site?

The above is only one tip I've learned during my past 14+ years of entrepreneuring!

To give yourself the definitive edge regarding affiliate marketing, check out my hard-won secrets of fast track affiliate marketing power below.

Fast Track Affiliate Marketing Power

You'll love the techniques I reveal!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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